Happy to be back with a plan

I failed to watch that Offspring video in my previous post before adding the link to it.  What a horrible visual representation of some otherwise inspirational lyrics.  Perhaps something meaningful happens at the end, but I shut it off before that point.  Hopefully it didn’t ruin the song for anyone.

Oh yeah, this is Trevor, by the way.  I’m writing this one b/c  Heather has been growing into the world of Social Networking and posting some stuff over on the Team First Endurance website (she made Gluten Free bread in the camper yesterday), on top of numerous Tweets over on twitter (@teamwurtele).

Our coach Chuckie V has got us back on a consistent training plan.  It feels good.  I’m really happy with how the first 5 days of training have hit my body.  We’re not exactly easing into it either, and there’s no reason to.  December worked out to be a great month of recovery from a long season, and there were some decent miles logged.

We also got our First Endurance order yesterday.  Whoo hoo!!! It’s obviously a little early to go into any detail on how the product is working for us, but we’ll definitely do that as we progress throughout the year.  Nailing down a solid race and training nutrition plan is one of the main focuses this year.  We’ve been fairly diligent about everyday nutrition in the past, but the more people we talk to the more we realize our race day, and big training day, intake was pretty shoddy.  No more.  We took suggestions from Chuckie, some great comments on our blog, spoke with Noa from PT Performance coaching, and found some ideas from athlete blogs and the great folk as First Endurance.  I’m sure we’ll tweak it to perfection and we’ll post more on what we’re doing soon.

For now though, week 1 is 5/7ths done and the next two days are monsters.  After today’s 3.5hr steady state ride and 1.5 run off the bike, followed by a short and easy swim to shake out the legs, we’re looking at:

8:00am track workout with local triathlon club – should be fun, CV is overseeing that one.
9:30am swim for 5000 with Chuckie and Angela
11:30 – 5hr ride making it hurt – most likely heading out Tepusquet (sp?) for those of you who know the area.

Total run volume of 180 minutes split into 2-3 runs.

That’ll be a new one for me (3hrs in one day) and I’m keen to get it done.  This is where nutrition plays a big part.  I find I can’t eat very much solid food 3hrs prior to running – but I’m going to have to eat something within that time frame on Sunday, so will most likely opt for smoothies and Ultragen ‘shakes’.  I put shakes in quotes because, when mixed, Ultragen is more like a juice in texture yet loaded with easy to digest nutrients to fuel recovery and restock the reserves for the next workout.  I’m still a firm believer in taking in real food as well, so the addition of a fruit/veggie smoothie helps.  Perhaps a light sandwich with Heather’s newly practiced baking skills.

Tonight we went to a local Christmas tree bonfire put on by the local fire department. It is crazy how fast a dry tree can go up!  We have a live Rosmary bush in a pot, trimmed like a Christmas tree, so we’re good and fire safe.


~ by trevorandheather on January 8, 2010.

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