Gotta love the numbers

I (Trevor) have always enjoyed keeping a training log. I’ve now got 4 years worth of training numbers – less a few forgetful months now and again. I use it mainly for comparison from year to year, or to build from week to week. It’s a great tool to see where you went wrong on previous months/years, and to keep you from smashing out long miles when your body is not ready for it.

It’s also a pretty wicked visual representation (Chart above has nothing to do with training) of what training full time in a warm climate can do relative to working full time in a cold climate! I recently compared my December numbers from 2008 to this past month, December 2009.  We still have two days to go, including today (if I can get my ass off the bed and sacrifice all this recovery time)! That’s really what it comes down to. Recovery time.

In both 2008 and 2009 I ended the year with an Ironman at the end of November. In 2009, however, I didn’t have to rush back to work in an icy/wet climate. I was able to put in some leisurely training miles, recover as much as I wanted, sleep as much as I needed. The only added stress this year was budgeting our income, or lack there of.

Down to the numbers:

December 2008 Totals
Swim: 31,600 meters
Bike: 349 Km
Run 122.5 Km

December 2009 Totals with two days remaining:
Swim: 50,700 meters
Bike: 1109 Km
Run: 182.6 Km

With our official START to training coming up next Monday I can only be excited about the platform I’ve kept for myself and the springboard it will turn into. Of course, volume isn’t everything. Within those numbers I could have done 500 x 100 max effort sprints in the pool, 60 times up and down Mt. Figueroa, and 182 x 1km repeats on the track. Now that would be some tough (and pointless) stuff.

~ by trevorandheather on December 30, 2009.

One Response to “Gotta love the numbers”

  1. Hey you two! It’s always fun catchin up with you guys via your blog. Happy New Year and I can’t wait to see you both rock the race circuit in 2010… its so gonna happen!

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