Sugar High

The good thing about people knowing you have a sweet tooth is that you generally get a lot of chocolate for Christmas.  The bad thing about people knowing you have a sweet tooth is that you generally get a lot of chocolate for Christmas!

I had to burn some of that off today with a climb up Mt. Figueroa.  Forget the long easy fat burning miles, I went straight for anaerobic “get this chocolate out of my blood stream” effort level today! Good chocolate generally has a fair bit of fat with all the yummy cocoa butter involved, though.  I’m not too worried about fat accumulation under my skin, my body has a general lack of blubber even at this time of year.  I may have gained 250 grams or so in the last week of gluttony…extreme, I know.

My excuse for eating ridiculous amounts of chocolate right now?? Chocolate will probably make its way in to our race-day breakfast and I’m on a mission to find the best type!  I typically like the flavor of a good milk chocolate – I ate a lot of Firklover when in Norway, and my sister just sent me back some of the world’s greatest chocolate from Switzerland (the US has next to the worst chocolate in the world, I’ll have you know, though Trader Joes imports some good stuff direct from Belgium), but in order for it to be a race morning thing you’ve got to aim for the dark stuff – less calories from sugar, more from fat. Perhaps not 1000 calories worth as I’ve been doing on an hourly basis lately, more like 300 or so in the morning to top off your normal race breakie.

Why race morning? Reading a few race nutrition reports, in an effort to get ours corrected, we came across the dark chocolate thing on more than a couple blogs.  Jordan Rapp – a.k.a. the Baconator – makes it his race morning ritual.  Simply, it’s an easy way to get some extra calories into your system without consuming too much food volume.  Say you wanted 300 calories, you could either eat 75 grams of carbohydrate, or 33 grams of fat.  Dark chocolate has a bit of both, heavy on the calories from fat, and seeing as your system is going to be fairly sedentary for the couple hours before the gun goes off it’s not a problem for your digestion, yet it’s still easier to digest than piece of meat or that pesky Ensure Plus we used to consume.

So why not bacon?  I do like the taste of bacon, but it’s not something we’re planning on bringing into our camper.  I tried cooking some up a couple weeks ago (while Heather was away!) and was quite disgusted.  Perhaps a leaner variety would have been smart!  I damn near had to stand outside while the camper aired itself out.   I’m sure even the baconator doesn’t eat it on a daily basis, but there are definitely other options that we prefer.  That said, with Heather leaning towards a gluten free diet (and me working up to it) we’ve got to find some other source of morning calories.  A salad bowl of fruit and rice does not do the same for me as a giant bagel with almond butter and banana.

Anyway, training has been fun, as it should be most of the time – especially in December.  Heather has worked her way to a long run of just under 2 hrs without pain from her injury so things are looking good in that department as well.  One more week of training as the body/mind dictate, then it’s on to the real stuff.  It’s been the perfect off season and the first race of 2010 is actually pretty close!!


~ by trevorandheather on December 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sugar High”

  1. Trevor,
    You do know that coffee and dark chocolate are full of anti-oxidants right?

  2. 100% dark chocolate (various brands i like) and BLACK coffee. The 100% d.choc. alone is a bit much but combined with the BLACK coffee it is all very very good.

  3. As for your consumption of milk chocolate….shame on you. Nasty stuff! 😉

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