December in an RV

Back side of Mt. Figueroa

Spending the month of December  in an RV (or maybe the entire year of 2009 if one were so inclined. :)) has it’s advantages.  Like, say, being able to escape the snow and ride on days like this (Top picture).  Look at that road, amazing, I love it.  There are however disadvantages when it comes to riding your computrainer on the inevitable rainy days.  Read: not much room to work with!

The trade off between living space and having the ability to literally pick up and go within a couple hours is worth it in my opinion.  Don’t like your neighbor? See ya.  Snow storm coming? See ya.  Never want to forget your helmet or lose a shoe on your way to a race? No worries, everything’s in one place here!

Rainy day

Heather’s been living the ‘outside’ life for the past couple weeks up in Victoria.  Central heating, hot water, showers, carpets, and couches.  The RV feels pretty lonesome, all 100 square feet of it.  I’m eagerly awaiting her return on Monday.  Hopefully she hasn’t forgotten how to snuggle, ’cause there’s no other option in this house.

Anyway, praying for some sun so I can break out the lawn chairs and enjoy some more dry roads.  Come on California, do your job!!


~ by trevorandheather on December 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “December in an RV”

  1. What… the cat doesn’t want to snuggle?

  2. I’ve been having a great time in Vitoria – Yay 50m pools full of super fast swimmers, and lots of social time with good friends – but I could definitely use some Trevor snuggles. Thanks to the awesome people at Parkway Physio (Lysanne and JR, you guys are fantastic!) my leg is well on its way to full recovery. I can’t wait to get back to long rides with my hubby in the gorgeous California countryside. There is no place I’d rather be. Yes, even in a camper in the rain!

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