I’m just an everyday ordinary guy…

I have a hard time opening my eyes underwater.  I get major gut pains at mile 18 of an Ironman Marathon.  I don’t like margarine – I much prefer the taste of butter.  I like finding solutions to help me solve my problems!

If you’re not sure what I’m referring to then Jon LaJoie and Youtube will be your friends for the next 5 minutes.  I would link it…but I’m offline and you’ll have more fun finding it yourself.  Plus, a swear word or 20 is included.  Actually, here’s the link now that I’m online… his other stuff is rather raunchy so best to send you directly there!

Anyway, I do think we’re making great progress toward a solution to our problems!  A major difficulty has been digestion issues during the marathon run of an Ironman.  Heather usually needs to run to the Porta-Potty 5-6 times over the course of the 42 kilometers.  Amazingly, she’s still fast enough to be in contention for the win.  I’ve been getting these crazy cramps in my lower gut by mile 16 of the run leaving me hobbling and looking for the med tent.

Initially, we thought the Porta-Potty issues were from using a sugar free, electroltye drink product that contains sorbitol as a chemical sweetener.  If someone goes to the hospital with a major case of the runs, they generally ask if they chew a lot of gum or drink diet drinks…both contain sorbitol, and sorbitol causes diarrhea (when you have too much of it).  We got rid of that product yet still had issues.

Our next thought was Sodium.  Taking in too much sodium relative to the amount of water you ingest can cause diarrhea as well.  In that case, your body realizes that there’s an over concentration of sodium, and since there’s no fluid to dilute some of the problem, the body does the next best thing and sends it out the back side (if someone would care to correct me on that, or elaborate, please do so!).  This is still something we will have to work on, but hopefully our gastric distress will be a lot less after we’ve ditched the Ensure Plus as a calorie source.  The more we’ve talked about it with Chuckie and other outside sources, the more we realize taking ensure DURING a race is not good.  Complex proteins – those with fat and carohydrates still attached, are big molecules and hard to digest at very best of times. To do so while going full steam ahead in a race is a bit much to ask.  The corn syrup is also a bit scary, not to mention that for the most part you find Ensure Plus next to the Depends Undergarments in the pharmacy isle of your local supermarket- hardly high performance!!

Solution to the problems?  Joining forces with the biggest name in endurance nutrition – 1st Endurance!! I’m not a religious man, but, I can’t help but think there’s some higher power at work steering us in the right direction and putting us in touch with the right companies/people.  1st Endurance offers the whole shebang.  From electrolyte drinks, recovery drinks, energy shots (similar to a gel, but without the ‘gel’), energy bars, vitamins and more.  On top of that they know their stuff works with the products we as athletes find at aid stations in Ironman events.  Their website is jam packed with nutrition and diet information and the forum is highly active with athletes discussing their problems and solutions.  Check it out.

We look forward to putting their products into action this winter.  I already know that it will make a big difference.  We want to take the guess work out of race nutrition and this is the way to do it.  Better nutrition, in training and out, will let us recover faster, thus trainer harder and on it goes in a positive spiral…

If we can nail things on race day, and have our nutrition help rather than hinder us, we will be golden!!  We will  be sure to keep posting about how we use the products in training. Be sure to check out the Team First Endurance Website.


~ by trevorandheather on December 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “I’m just an everyday ordinary guy…”

  1. Cool! That sounds great you two. I knew you from racing on Vancouver Island (Mind over Mountain trail runs!!), and it has been fun to follow your adventures. I really appreciate the honest, open information that you provide on your blog. It is great for aspiring Ironmen like me to hear about your nutrition and to see how you’ve experimented with things. All the best for 2010!

    • Ahhh yes, the good ol ‘Gutbuster’ races. Those were fun. In many ways I miss the Island, but, I can’t say I miss taking that Ferry twice a month during the summer.

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