Back in California!!

Chillin with 'El Gato' in the camper

Chasing the sun and warmth around is awesome!  There was frost on the camper windshield this morning, though.  I guess we’ll go to Mexico next year, we can’t be having frost on the camper!!!

After the leisurely drive from Arizona consisting of a couple nights in Joshua Tree National Park and some nice hiking, we pulled in to our familiar parking spot in the Santa Ynez/Solvang valley.  It’s pretty awesome to be back here.  In the two days I’ve been back (Heather is in Victoria now getting some physio/massage work done on her injury) I’ve put in two longish easy bike rides.  It’s so nice to know the roads and be familiar with the terrain.

I’m feeling really good and the motivation for 2010 is extremely high.  There’s a delicate balance between recovering properly from a long season and training full bore again.  If you hit it too early you’ll fizzle by March, but you can’t slack off either.  With 2.9 Ironmans in the legs over the last 5 months, and the last 0.9 ending only a 10 days ago there’s still some recovery to be had.  But, so long as the mind wants to train and the body feels ready to train…it’s time for some unstructured workouts.  We’re both excited to hit January/February without losing much fitness from the past 10 months of training, something we were sorely lacking last year.  Looking forward to charting those January 1st MAF test numbers!!

These guys may out drink me...but I think I could take 'em

Maybe we’ll make the December 31st training session a beer mile.  Something I’ve never done and a great way to ring in the New Year (supposedly).  You’re going down CV!!!  Anyone else in the area can come try and avoid being arrested with us.  Nutrition is KEY for the beer mile.  Gotta take in a light beer, none of this dark ale crap.  And the container is apparently a huge factor as well.  Seems like a bottle is a good choice.  After all, you’ve got to be able to down 4 of them at 15 seconds each, one each lap, to have a chance at breaking 6 minutes (for me anyway).  Come to think of it I don’t know if I can finish – 4 beers in one night would be close to a record alone.  I think 7 minutes is a respectable time – though it’s most certainly been done in under 5:30.  In fact, I just looked (, 5:09 by Jim Finlayson.  That’s ridiculous.

After some relaxed training in January and the gong show of a beer-mile on New Years our focus for 2010 is starting to take shape:

Focus #1 is swimming.  It really is time to put more focus on this sport.  Much of 2009 was spent just getting used to being able to train 25+ hours per week without killing ourselves physically and mentally.  Now that we can do that no problem, throwing some extra swimming in will be that much easier.

Focus #2 is dialing in the race day nutrition.  Again, we’ve hung on to a weak plan for long enough.  It’s worked some of the time, but, we have to get rid of that ‘some of the time’ question and make it an ‘all the time without question’ type of thing.  Move number one is to scrap the Ensure Plus on the bike – we’re working on an alternative that we’re both REALLY excited about – more on that soon hopefully.

Focus #3 is doing whatever it takes to be the best we can be.  Almost a year of full time training and racing has taught us so much about what works and doesn’t work for us.  It’s also taught Chuckie how we tick, making the training he prescribes that much more beneficial.

Well, I’ve about exhausted my welcome at the local wireless cafe.  That darn internet thing, it’s never easy to find in a camper.  We can’t exactly park inconspicuously in front of the local library.  Nor can we subscribe to a monthly DSL or cable service.  We could shell out $60 per month and a 2 year contract to get one of those “FREE” wireless sticks.  Free my ass.  That’s $1400 going in to your (Virgin, Sprint, AT&T) pocket and out of mine for a limit of 4gb per month.  What can one do with 4gb of data transfer in this day and age?  Not a whole lot if you happen to be me.

All the best to an enjoyable December.  More soon about that nutrition thing.  We just got the good word from a new sponsor as I write!!


~ by trevorandheather on December 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Back in California!!”

  1. Trev,

    Don’t worry about getting arrested for the beer mile. You are in the USA now. Drinking in public is not only legal it seems to be encouraged!

    Good luck, looking forward to that race report!

  2. Hi

    It was great following both of you this year. I’ll be excited to see how you both do in 2010!

    If you find you still need other options for nutrition, I have found that Carbo Pro works very well. Our coach got most of us hooked on this, no GI upset. Most IM triathletes I know have used this with success (after having issues with other products) on training and race days. Ensure is a lot for the system to digest, all I could think was what a tough gut you have Trevor!

    A site worth reading if you are not already familiar with it is

    I put the link in that reviews muscle cramps and electrolytes. They do an excellent job covering a variety of topics relating to the endurance athlete, notably marathoners, but that knowledge can be applied to IM too. I have dealt with blood chemistry for many years and they are likely the most accurate site I have come across when it comes explaining and theorizing on all of the interactions that occur in the body during such an event. Maybe it will provide you with some usable information.

    Good luck on recovery and ironing out all of the not so little details to get you both on the road to success!

    • Hey Butterflyblue,

      Thanks a bunch for the information. I’ll definitely have a good read through that. I’ve actually used Carbo Pro before – CP1200, not the powder – I found it very tart and hard to swallow, but, forced it down on top of the Ensure. Perhaps I didn’t dilute it enough.
      We’re looking forward to testing out all the First Endurance products this winter, I’m sure something good will come of it.
      All the best,
      T & H

  3. We use the Carbo pro powder. It has a neutral taste, most mix crystal light, powdered Propel, Nuun or Zym to it for flavor. I’ll be curious to see what you think of the First Endurance products.

    If you ever want another challenging half (actually slightly more than half iron), check out Pacific Crest weekend in Sunriver (just outside of Bend) towards the end of June. The area was actually a proposed site for a new IM. The climb up Bachelor is spectacular and the elevation and heat will get you ready for just about anything!

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