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For those of you that go straight to our blog, you should check out our personal website for two new photo albums – one from Kona, and one of our adventures on the road down to Ironman Arizona. The scenery along the way was pretty amazing.

Trevor is doing typical race week things (in atypically primo surroundings): sitting on his ass, eating, relaxing, training a bit, riding race wheels on the trainer to avoid flats, being paranoid about germs and human contact…

I, on the other hand, have been going on fun solo adventures. Scrambling to the top of the tallest peaks (withing hiking distance) in the nearby Tonto National Forest, mountain biking, lake swimming, cactus dodging….

It has been a nice change from the usual training regime and I actually put in a 23 hr week of alternative exercise last week. Pleasant surprise!

Trevor rocked his last few hard, pre-race, efforts – some max effort 400’s in the pool, hard 800’s on the track and harder than race-pace bike sessions. All systems are go for the race, uh, but that’s jinxing so never-mind… crap where’s my rabbit’s foot…


~ by trevorandheather on November 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “New photo galleries on”

  1. The rabbit’s foot wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit, that’s for sure!!
    We will be there to cheer you on, Trevor
    See you guys soon.

  2. Getting the full effect training with race wheels? haha! You look super lean and comfortable on your ride – make it count!!! Best luck!

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