Arizona!! Finally!!

IMGP2570Apparently Utah does not rank swimming pools high on their list of public amenities.   Chuckie had a pool in Park City, there must be one in Salt Lake City, Provo has a very warm one with no lane ropes….but other than that you’re pretty much out of luck south-east of Provo.  Heather and I were sure Moab would have a pool, we even google-earthed the building before making the decision to drive there.  Turns out they dug it up last summer.  That put an end to our desire to hang out in Moab for a week.  It’s generally a good idea to swim when you’re 3 weeks out from an Ironman!

IMGP2598Before leaving Moab we certainly managed some awesome rides and awe inspiring runs.  There’s actually a surprising amount of road to cover with all the national parks around.  We didn’t see nearly all of it, but what we did was super cool.  Completely different landscape than what we’re used to seeing in Canada.

We also got to meet up with my sister and her boyfriend who came down to the area to take advantage of the amazing sandstone cliffs and spires.  They convinced us to put in a little offroad time in the RV in order to get to their ‘base camp’ at Indian Creek – Super Bowl rock.

IMGP2637Now we’ve made our way to Flagstaff in search of water.  Found some semblance of a pool last night at their brand new Aquatic Center.  I’m not sure who designs those things or why they wouldn’t have just made their 20 yard pool a normal 25 yard pool.  Perhaps even putting in a deep end would have been a thought?  Anyway, Flagstaff has a university and that’s where we’re going today.  I believe it’s an Olympic sized pool, and we’re at 7000ft…I’m sure we’ll be sucking wind.


Remo putting in his first climb of the trip


~ by trevorandheather on November 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “Arizona!! Finally!!”

  1. wow, all I can say is those are some pretty awesome pics. hope ur training is going well. I’ve had to back off thanks to a co-worker who says oh I never get sick.please say hi to your sister for me

  2. Flag uni pool is awesome. Not to be missed. And for the engineer in you… neither is their indoor football stadium.

  3. NO WAY. I have some AVIA Teammates in Flagstaff? Sweet!!! I am Angi, I live and train in Flagstaff, so here is the deal with the pool at NAU: it is open from 11:30-1:30 during the week. Also from 7-9pm. There is a Master’s group that swims from 5:30 pm-7pm at night. Saturday’s Masters in the morning switches around…open hours during the weekend is at 12:30-2:30. ALSO: Saturday Morning at 10 am is a group ride of around 100 km starting at Pay’n’Take downtown. You guys should come!!! How long are you in Flagstaff for? Email me if you would like some more ride/run routes or other info…oh, tonight is artwalk downtown and all the stores and galleries are open and have snacks 🙂 starts at 7pm. Angi

  4. Thanks so much for writing us. We did hit up the NAU pool and it was awesome!
    Missed the artwalk, unfortunately, that would have been fun.
    It would have been great to hook up for some training, but we actually drove south to just outside of Tempe (Mesa) already. Trev had a great homestay here last year and they invited us to hang out until IMAZ. It is always nice to settle a bit and get into a routine someplace… the KOA was a bit pricey!
    I really liked Flagstaff, seems like a cool place, and we’d love to go back for some more quality time at altitude. Seems like there are some pretty amazing trail systems that go forever…

    All the best,
    Heather and Trevor

  5. It always feels good to know you are also in the states….even though you’re 3000 miles away from me!
    Much luck with training and recovery! Maybe you’ll consider coming east some day to race!? I’ll be doing my first 70.3 at Mooseman in June, so I’ll have muchos questiones for you!

  6. Hey, great posts Trev. Some stunning scenery for sure, and it just confirms that one day Teresa and I will be hiring a RV and exploring the States. Mind you, if a couple of Canadians get the Popo suspicious, a Kiwi accent might get me locked up. Best of luck as you go into the final two weeks before race day…I’ll be cheering for you both from here.

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