On our way south

IMGP2511Escaping the cold is taking a fair bit longer than expected.  We’re now in Provo, Utah toughing out freezing temperatures and looming snow storms.  Normally we’d just keep driving on south, but, we’ve had to kill a couple days while we sort out a missing bike part.  Thankfully that’ll be sorted out on Saturday so we can continue on to a warmer climate.

The tough part about traveling and trying to train for an Ironman is finding good roads, trails, and pools at the right time.  Our original plan of attack was to drive long one day, then train hard for two.  Of course the plan never works out, which is why our general rule of thumb is never plan ahead.

Heather is still trying to kick her cold, it’s been hanging around in the form of a deep chest cough.  Thankfully no more flue like symptoms, though.  I had a two day sick spell while in Coeur d’Alene but other than that I’ve been totally clear.

Two days ago on our ‘drive’ day, we ran for 50 minutes in a truck stop, not ideal, but it shook out some stiffness for sure.  It was a nice rest stop, I will give it that much.  The past couple days in Provo have been decent as far as training goes.  We officially deemed it too cold to ride yesterday so opted for the computrainer.  My longest and coldest ever, but somehow the time went by without much mental anguish.

Lunch breakToday, at the 85 degree Provo Community Pool, which shares a parking lot with the high school, a local PoPo (thug talk for Police) came on deck and pulled us out of the water to ask us if that was our RV parked outside.  They had reports of a suspicious looking RV with the blinds pulled so had to investigate.  Given that we were only about 5 minutes into our workout they must really have very little to do in this town. It’s not like we’re driving a panel van with rusted doors and shag carpet or anything.  Man, talk about paranoid.

This afternoon (Friday as I write) I’m making it my mission to run up to the giant “Y” on the mountain off in the distance.  I’m guessing two hours from our ‘suspicious RV’ camp spot, unless I get arrested, in which case it would take significantly longer.

~ by trevorandheather on October 31, 2009.

One Response to “On our way south”


    give the locals hell!!!!! 🙂

    see ya in PHX 🙂

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