Hawaii Blues

IMGP2329I am not sure why bad things seem to happen to so many at this race. Well I guess I am: to really succeed you have to put it all on the line.
l am in a fair bit of pain (but it’s getting better), and majorly depressed (I’m almost over wallowing), but otherwise okay.

I wish you all could have seen me finish in the top 10 😦
It is doable, and it is going to happen – just not this year.

I don’t know what happened really, or why. My leg right leg just felt really weak during the ride and then I got a bad pain in my glute (into my low back, radiating down my hamstring) on the climb to Hawi. I thought that maybe it was a really bad cramp to I stood out of the saddle to stretch a bit while riding, took more salt… but on the descent from the climb it started being a very bad sharp pain and then I could barely pull my peddle up.  I rolled to the next aid station, they called the medical van and the rest is history.

I doubt he will ever read this, but I have to give a huge hug to Tony, from Waimea, who was the aid station coordinator (or so I got the impression) where I stopped. He got ice for my leg, put a towel under my head, held my hand, got me to take deep diaphragm breaths and was so wonderfully supportive and kind in every way that I get teary just thinking of it. He really made the best of a bad situation and I am sure that his positive energy helped start the healing process right then and there.
The 3 people in the medical van crew were also pretty cool, and the driver had family in the Courtney Comox area of Vancouver Island. Small world! I doubt many native Hawaiian’s have seen much of BC so it was pretty fun to talk about bald eagles, bears on the road, giant fur trees and arbutus – “it’s like being in a national geographic special” he said. I could say the same for Hawaii!
Anyway, I can walk okay now… lots of ice and ibuprofin. A first the medical folks were worried about a rupture in the hamstring insertion (my bum bone was excruciating to the touch) but now it seems like it is just some tearing.

I was feeling fine, no awesome, in all my training rides and runs, and I have never been so prepared for a race in my life so I am uber frustrated that this happened.

The swim start was the most violent thing I have ever experienced, and I have scratches on my shoulders and ankles so maybe I suffered some sort of trauma there. I have no idea.
One thought is that there was possibly decreased circulation to my hamstrings because of the bike position, and maybe from training hard my low back or sacrum was rotated or just too tight causing impingement of nerve or decreased blood supply. Add a hard effort… a muscle working on only half the nutrition is bound to cramp, then the tearing occurs.

IMGP2364The fitness was absolutely there, and I was really prepared for a great race. Hopefully I can heal quickly (though I’m not going to push it) and maybe do Ironman Arizona to end my otherwise awesome season on a better note.

I am going to head to the pool with Trev to so some arms only swimming, and then we have to pack up for out flight back to the cold fall weather of Vernon BC. brrr.

Until next year Hawaii…

~ by trevorandheather on October 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Hawaii Blues”

  1. Tear of the tendon at the insertion point at the iccial tuberosity…been there done that. email me if that is in fact what you’ve got and i can relate to you myexperiences with it.

    sorry!!!!!!!!!! 😦

    kona was not good to us this year

  2. Definately keep your head up! You guys are so inspiring and I’m sure you’ll bounce back better than ever! Adversity builds success! Good luck if you’re able to make Arizona. I’m trying to get out and volunteer and am looking forward to seeing all you fast peeps blazing past!

  3. Heather,
    Unless there is overt signs of a tear (eg. bruising at the lesion site), chances are you’re likely on the right track with your latter deduction of your problem – relating to aggressive flexion of your L/spine under load with effort causing a neural irritation/tension of a component of your sciatic nerve. Just something to think about, in attempting to recover.

    …if this IS the case, then spinal extension (ie. using lumbar support, cobra pose of yoga), stretching your same side hip flexors, and avoiding stretching your hamstrings/glute/calves for the time-being may help. If it does,..then this is more likely significant.

    Best with your healing – recover well!


  4. Sad to hear about the race. I was following the Vic locals but sounded like a tough day. I’ve been battling a similar injury by the sounds of it, glute pains when riding and it hasn’t gotten much better. Trigger Point, ART, icing, strengthening, etc. It almost feels like a nerve is being pinched, even on my road bike and the pain is in my left side glute/lower back and hamstring. Sucks. Good luck for the rest of the year. Plans to train back in Victoria for the winter?

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