Almost show time!

DSC_0804Well it’s not long until the ridiculously early alarm goes off and I gag down some oatmeal and extra calorie Ensure and get ready to head to body marking. Thank you all so much for your good luck wishes!! I really appreciate the e-mails and the comments on the blog.  The good karma from family, friends, and fans helps me to dig deep and gives me positive things to focus on during the hard times – which always come in an Ironman.  Keep those “go fast vibes” flowing on Saturday, they do make a difference!!

I did my last little run early this morning, took my wicked Blue bike out for a short spin, and got in the ocean one last time before the race. I got an awesome new, and very snug (they are supposed to be that way, but I need to add at least 15 minutes to my pre-race ritual to get the thing on!!) swimskin from Blueseventy. It has a great new zipper design with no strap that you have to pull to get it off; you simply flip the pull-tab of the zipper up and then it unzips automatically when you tug at the shoulders, when the zipper tab is flipped down, it stays locked. Very handy – the strap on the older speeduits always got caught up in some way, in someone’s arm at some point in the swim. It also has new sealed seams so less of my skin will be gone by the time the swim is over. Yay!


When I was heading in to the water I was lucky enough to run into David McColm:  Always a friendly smiling face, and a great photographer from Canada to boot! We got to visit a bit when I was spectating Trev’s race at Ironman Canada and he took this fun photo –  him watching me watching Trev  (an Abba joke was definitely made at the time). Definitely check his website for some great photos of the race.


After my swim I was off to check my bike and gear bags into transition. My cool new frame and my sexy Rolf Wheels got their picture taken for the mags, which was fun. A nice volunteer – Lynn – took me around through transition to get all my stuff sorted. I am always so impressed by the army of smiling, friendly, good-luck-wishing volunteers that rally together for an Ironman. The day wouldn’t be possible without them.

It also wouldn’t be possible for me to be toeing the line tomorrow without the support of so many people. Huge thanks to my sponsors: Avia, Blue Competition Cycles, Custom House Currency Exchange, Rolf Prima Wheels, and Blueseventy. I hope I can do you all proud!

Also, thanks to John Sample for the great Chocolate #9, Agave sweetened gels. They are a new addition to my nutrition regime and a fantastic product that will give me lots of good steady energy tomorrow.

Trevor will be updating our blog with posts throughout the day so be sure to check in, especially if the Ironman live website is stalling.

There is not much I can do now but eat my usual pre-race dinner, visualize a great day tomorrow and hope to get some semblance of sleep.  Hopefully the next round of e-mails are celebratory ones! Cheers, Heather

~ by trevorandheather on October 9, 2009.

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