19 nights later

19 nights Heather and I have been on the big island already.  Training and sitting on your ass really makes the time go by!!  Living away from it all up on the hill has it’s advantages (great recovery and a very hard last 30 minutes to every workout), but it also has some fairly big disadvantages (no people watching, coffee buying, evening walks on the beach, impossible to buy ice cream when you have to hoof it on your back from town – I could go on but that ice cream thing is BAAAAD).  All I can say is thank god we have internet!!  What a savior that thing is.  Those of you that follow the ironmantriathlontips.com website I’m sure have noticed some major changes.  Twitter, facebook, email newsletter, new layout – you’d think that thing was actually run by a legitimate enterprise. While I’ve been doing that, Heather has read like 10 books…

Anyway, Chuckie posted a ‘week in pictures’ on his site and I quite liked the idea – so here you are.


flowers in the driveway


cool down


barefoot running on the soccer field


ride down from Hawaiian Belt rd to Waikoloa village


HOT run from the energy lab - trail along the ocean

Unfortunate skimpy-white-speedo sighting

Unfortunate skimpy-white-speedo sighting


Cooling off in the shade

out on the swim course

out on the swim course

friendly neighbourhood cat

friendly neighbourhood cat

sunset up on Hao Kuni Rd.

near sunset up on Hao Kuni Rd.


~ by trevorandheather on September 26, 2009.

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  1. nice pics terv

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