The Hawaii Machine – Blue Triad SL with Rolf Prima Carbon TT wheels

Heather's Ironman World Championship race machine

Blue’s new Triad SL will be under Heather’s control in a few weeks time at the Ironman World Championships.  With a couple race-best bike splits under her belt already this year, a major improvement in her run, and some extra focus and heat acclimation going in to these world championships, she’s looking to turn a few heads.

We’ve been on the Island for two weeks now, secluded in our little hideaway up the mountain.  Training for Heather has been going very smoothly, couldn’t have really asked for much better.  With 3 weeks to go there’s still some solid work to get done, but the more time she puts in the easier the heat gets and the more confident she is that all the variables that affect the outcome of this race are under control.

I’ve been training lightly, but nothing overly taxing.  Coming off a disappointing Ironman Canada I am very keen to get going again for Ironman Arizona later this year, though still being patient to make sure the body is good to go after the carnage it went through 3 weeks ago.  I like to believe most things happen for a reason, and I’m starting to realize that getting my Hawaii spot would most likely have been a bad thing physically.  3 Ironmans in 3.5 months usually doesn’t work out well for many people.  This has given me time to put that race behind me and look forward to finishing the year on a high note.  Even so, it’s tough to be here watching the big show get closer knowing I’m not on the start line.  You do learn a lot by watching this thing, however.  Can’t wait to watch Heather rip it up!!

Some other highlights of the mountain hideaway – a local fruit stand where we can buy fresh Papayas, Mangos, Bananas, Oranges, Lemons.

Fruit Stand

IMGP2175Free avocados, the size of Nerf Footballs, care of a nice neighbor were the highlight of today.

~ by trevorandheather on September 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Hawaii Machine – Blue Triad SL with Rolf Prima Carbon TT wheels”

  1. I don’t really ever geek-out about materials or “stuff” as George Carlin accurately calls it, but those wheels are the coolest-looking things I’ve witnessed in a while. If Heather reaches T1 after the swim and finds them missing, I swear I didn’t do it!

  2. They are indeed very cool. You’d be surprised how stiff they are for having only 10 and 12 spokes. They do not flex at all.

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