Good Fortune

Trevor and I were out for dinner with family and we got these two fortune cookies. The top one was mine, and the bottom was Trevor’s. Pretty fitting! I just finished a massive run week, after an epic week of ride training in Penticton and I am feeling AWESOME – ready for a “rest” day of traveling anyway. Kona here we come!



~ by trevorandheather on September 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Good Fortune”

  1. Regarding the second fortune, Rocky Road Ice Cream is also fulfilling. Yum. Well, that’s all I have to say. I guess I should go get a life now.

  2. Chuckie,
    Great minds think alike ( or small minds seldom differ!)….I said the same thing about Rocky Road Icecream to Trevor yesterday.

  3. I love my rocky road ice cream. Or Heavenly Hash. Or chocolate swirl. Or Mint Chocolate Chip. Or Chocolate Chunk. Or vanilla with chocolate sauce. Or chcoloate fudge brownie (now that’s good stuff!!!)

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