Trevor’s IMC Race Report

RRIf someone had shown me this piece of the results list from Ironman Canada 2009 and asked: “would you be happy with this outcome?” I would have easily said Hell Yeah.  Too bad that was for 18th, 19th, and 20th!!

What a crazy last half of the run.  For everyone, I’m sure.

chalkMy day started very well.  I had great fitness, and I knew it.  Everything started to really click in the last week of the taper, and my confidence for race day started to grow.

My swim was amazing.  Right where I dreamed of being; I could see Jasper Blake’s red cap, I could see Scott Curry next to me, the pace was comfortable but not too easy…perfect.  Perhaps those guys didn’t have the greatest swims, but I’ve never come out of the water within a couple minutes of them, so I’ll take it.

Onto the bike, the legs were peppy and smooth.  I had legs like this 5 days out from race day and was hopeful that the feeling didn’t get wasted on a training day.  Thankfully they found me on this day as well and I managed a very comfortable ride for the first 60km, pacing amongst guys that I knew would be gunning for the top 5 later in the day.  Once we hit Richter pass I wasn’t content with the group’s pace and decided to go up front and climb my own climb – hopeful that that would break up the group to a just a few.  Unfortunately, that move pretty much put an end to having anyone around me for the rest of the ride.  The remaining 120km I kept waiting for at least a couple guys to come from behind and catch me.  Even on the Cawston out-and-back with 60km to go I could see Scott, Justin, Anthony, Jasper, and others hanging not far away.  It was an unusual position for me to be in, I kept asking myself if I was riding too hard.  The definitive answer was no, I wasn’t, it was simply one of those days you hope to have on the biggest day of the year.

IMC2009runlegOn to the run the legs were happy, nothing tired or sore, I found my stride within the first 500 meters, but I could tell my gut wasn’t perfect.  Some slight cramping in the lower abdomen but nothing to worry about.  By mile 2 I jumped into an outhouse (my first ever outhouse stop in a race) to relive some pressure.  That worked like a charm.  I was instantly light and fleet footed, ticking off my goal mile pace of 6:40-6:50’s with comfort and a positive mental thoughts.  Wolfgang Guembel came running by fairly early on but I was still happy to hold my own pace which was now creeping over 6:50.  Things slowed dramatically in the hills, but I wasn’t concerned and I was still holding my own in the comfort department.  That’s when Jasper caught me, no worries I told myself, guy is probably going to run sub 2:50 again and being around him at mile 11 of the marathon aint so bad.   Mile 13 – all good, I could see Thomas Hellriegel doing the Ironman Shuffle and that moved me back into 9th.  Mile 15, another porta-potty stop that didn’t leave me feeling so pleasant post evacuation!!  That left me 11 miles of hanging on trying not to get caught, and catching whatever carnage I could that lay ahead of me.   Neither of which turned out well.  Turns out, I WAS the carnage.  Somehow Scott Curry managed to get me in the very last mile after he was literally lying under a tree kissing the grass with his head burried in his arms at mile 12.  At that point I was on my way back at mile ~14 and very thankful I wasn’t feeling as rough as he was.  How he recovered from that to hammer the last couple km’s and pass Ben is amazing.

BikeshotFunny things these Ironman events.  You think you have everything nailed to perfection and then that very thing you KNOW you have nailed goes wrong.  I’m still trying to put my finger on this blow up, but I’m quite sure it was a lack of water and an excess of electrolytes.  I normally have to pee a few times on the bike, and not once did I have to let loose yesterday.  On top of that I was popping my electrolyte pills on the hour, every hour, without forgetting, and double the dosage.  I ALWAYS forget, but not yesterday.  Lack of water??? I’m not sure how I missed that.  I drank a ton, but, when you’re not seeing or feeling the sweat because of the wind and dryness things get sucked out quickly over a 5 hour ride.  That’s my reasoning on the day and diarrhea issues – too much sodium relative to the amount of water I was taking in.  3 liters of IV fluid later and I was still puking and crapping my guts out.  Not fun.  You wouldn’t believe what it takes to get a bag of IV fluid going in that place!!!!  You’d think saline solution was a rare commodity.

What’s up now?  Recovery, of course, and time to help my lovely wife train her best for Hawaii.  She’s going to open some eyes over there!  After that it’s looking like IM Arizona.  I want to race again, mainly because I LOVE THIS F’ING TORTURE (HaHa), but also because I want to keep training and racing without interruption for the next while.  Something I bunged up big time Nov/Dec/Jan of this past year.

I’ll be back, and one day I’ll be up front as the finish line comes!!

I have to thank my coach Chuckie V.  I had some unbelievable legs yesterday, I do believe we’ve found the ideal taper!!!  Too bad I couldn’t bring it home.  My wonderful wife Heather for sharing this passion with me.  My family for being so supportive, hanging out allllll day, then another couple hours post race while I grossed out the med-tent volunteers.

~ by trevorandheather on August 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “Trevor’s IMC Race Report”

  1. perseverance dude.

    let’s keep at it.


  2. Hey trev , I hope you’re ok bud. I was watching the race results online and was pulling for you. Hope you get your stomach problems figured out.

  3. I can’t imagine going through that bike without urinating a single time. It’s no wonder you were wrecked. Ah well…think of it this way: you were probably the only one to go the entire ride without peeing. Pretty soon there’ll be a trophy for that…

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