Well, after waiting for 2hrs outside of the medical tent – where he got two IV’s but was still throwing up – Trev was released. He was green and collapsed in my arms on the way home. We lied on the sidewalk until his dad came to rescue him in the car (a 2 seater) and I ran back home.  Trevor looks like a ghost and he is lying on the couch in agony with a cold towel on his face while I try to get him to drink some chicken soup stock or gag down some V8. I hate this.

He had a great swim, and when I saw him riding up the last big climb, he looked so smooth – like it was no effort at all. No one in front, or the few guys behind him that I saw, looked that smooth and fresh. I rode down to Skaha feeling confident that this was going to be the race where he knocked it out of the park.  He has been running so well and was feeling on fire all week. I hate to say it, but when I saw him on the run, I immediately knew that the usual spring in his step wasn’t there. I thought he just needed more time to get in the groove, and get more calories… and he was catching some guys – got Thomas Hellriegel by the 1/2 turn around on the run – but it was not to be.  His stomach was very unhappy and he just had no energy and no motivational words on my part made any difference. Seeing him now, I am incredibly impressed with how many times he rallied and kept pressing on.  Physiologically something was very wrong, and he was still pretty freaking fast for having shuffled much of the run, having to visit the porta potty many times, and then having had to walk the last few miles. These were his times:

53:20 4:48:24 3:40:23 9:26:03 20 of 2595 18 of 40

For my part, I didn’t take very good care of myself today. I rode up to the yellow lake climb and then all along Skaha Lake on run course – out and about for over 8 hrs on nothing more than excitement (then later angst) and two bottles of water.  No wonder I had an emotional breakdown, crying in a friend’s arms, just before Trevor finished. Don’t worry Chuckie, I’m eating as I type.

This sport is tough. So many things need to come together; and when they don’t, the heartbreak is proportional to the tremendous amount of time and effort invested in all your training.

It really sucks to watch the love of your life suffer. Sigh.

~ by trevorandheather on August 30, 2009.

8 Responses to “Dammit”

  1. congrats to Trev on finishing – a testament to mental strength when many would have packed it in. Congrats to you Heather for being so supportive.

  2. get better dude!

  3. Thanks Mark. Starting to come around now. Tough day on that run for many!!

  4. Trev,

    way to battle man. not everyday is going to work out the way we hope it to. You know you have the tools to break through, just a matter of time.

    • Chance,
      Trevor needs one more tool…a power meter. Can you PLEASE hook him and Heather up with an industry-insider deal?!

      (Disclaimer: this is not to imply that you went too hard on the bike Trevor! We both know, as does Heather, that you’re capable of at least 4:48 on that course.)


      • Well, I can most definitely, without question, say it wasn’t from riding too hard. I was comfortably cruising the whole way and feeling strong right back to T2. I think the major problem for pretty much everyone out there was dehydration. It was very deceiving how sapping that wind was. Anyway, race report to come with more details!! Fitness was awesome, just missed out on something simple, I’m sure.

    • Thanks Scott,

      Great to have you cheering us on. That lawn chair and beer was making me jealous at 40km into the run!!

    • Ughh. If only I had today’s ride legs in Coeur d’Alene. Time to help Heather train for Hawaii and see if IM Arizona has a place on my late season agenda, see you on the big island!!

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