Rattlesnake Island Swim

Rounding Rattlesnake Island and about to head for home

Rounding Rattlesnake Island and about to head for home

7 km is the longest either Heather or I have swam non-stop.  We’ve done a few long ones in the pool, but the stopping to rest, refuel, and hydrate every ~5 minutes, or whatever the interval may be, makes it feel a bit easier physically. For me at least, pool swims are not easier mentally.  It’s amazing how quickly the 1hr 48 minutes went by. Swimming that long in the pool would have been my definition of tedious.

There were 26 of us who set off for the 7km, another 30 or so did the 3.1km.  A low key event, but the race mentality was still creating a buzz in the air.  We honestly had no idea how it would feel, so took it out pretty conservatively. I think that paid off in the end.  A good swarm of swimmers and boats (support crews in canoes or kayaks were required) were ahead of us within a couple minutes.  Shortly after that I could see the leaders going to the wrong side of the island.  THANK YOU JONNYO!!! Haha, a couple weeks ago Jonnyo told us to make sure to swim to the far right side of the island in a counter clockwise loop. We did, and made up some serious time on a couple people.  After rounding the island we stopped quickly to grab a shot of gel and a swig of water, hopeful that that would be enough to get us back strong for the remaining 3.1km.

Heather and I swam together the whole way, swapping the draft every 5 minutes though, she led more than I did once I screwed up the final sighting direction.  Swapping the draft also turned out to be a good strategy by the end.  By the time we started to really feel the shoulders we were closing in on the final (and only from what I could tell) swim buoy. By then, we we so happy to be almost finished that we found some energy to swim hard to the finish.  Heather was gracious (usually we are cut-throat swim competitors!) and waited for me to smash my foot exiting the water so we could cross the line together in 1:47:59. Hats of to the young swimmer guy, Conor Vanderzam (sp?) who won in a time of 1:37, and Brent Hobbs (swam the English Channel this year!) who was a minute and change in front of us, and one other gal (not sure of your name, sorry) who nabbed the overall female win, 1 minute faster than Heather.  Close call, they gave away a skookum trophy that would have looked really sweet on the front of our camper hood.

Huge shout out to our support crew!! My Dad and Sister came out to paddle the canoe for us.  A 3:30 am wake up call in Vernon to get to Peachland for the start is not enjoyable at the best of times.  Kristen stayed true to the course depsite some moments of doubt when all the other boats seemed to be going the other (wrong!) way. Big thanks to them and Cougar Canyon for picking up or entry fee again.  If there are any ladies in the Okanagan looking for a nice dress, than Cougar Canyon in Vernon is your place to go.  They’re new to town and making an impression – check em out on main street.  I believe they’ll have a website up soon. If anyone is looking for an awesome desination for some great open water swim events the Okanagan is the place to be! We look forward to doing this event again.


~ by trevorandheather on August 8, 2009.

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  1. I tuned in to hear about Ogopogo… any word? 😦


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