Quite simply, it is HOT.

Scott Jurek at the Badwater Ultra

Scott Jurek at the Badwater Ultra

Heather said to me today, while pounding out a great run on the track in the blazing Okanagan heat, that Hawaii is going to feel cool compared to this.  Honestly, I have no doubt that it will.  We were there last year, Heather racing and I was training/cheering/supporting.  I managed to get in a long 7hr ride over the inland roads and down into Hawi before coming back along the main Queen K highway – I tell yeah, it was way cooler and more bearable than it is in the Okanagan right now…maybe.  Humidity is basically non-existant in the Okanagan, hovering around 20%, so hard to say whole heartedly that it’ll be easy to deal with Hawaii heat.

The great thing is that it’s given us ample time to try some new hydration products, sun protection gear, and just all around brainstorming for ideas to make our bodies function a bit better in the heat.

Some of you know I wore a Hydration Pack at the local Desert Half Iron a couple weeks ago.  At the time I thought I had found my ticket to optimal Ironman Marathon hydration – but have since had to reneg on that.  It’s a great tool for those long runs with no support crew (A.K.A. Chuckie V on his Baddass KLR 650!!!), but not so great when you’re looking for time.  A few mile splits on the track, a couple hill repeats keeping an eye on time and HR, one long hot day on the bike – have all left me with NO DOUBT in my mind that it slows you down more than the extra hydration keeps you going.  Shoulders get tight, core temp gets very hot with no cooling breeze on the back, and it starts to take on some serious weight when the sweat seeps into the fabric.  In any case, using it on the long solo runs is a must, but I will pass over the hydration pack when setting up my race day apparel.  On to my next idea – drinking fluid from little cups handed to me by volunteers every mile.


~ by trevorandheather on August 1, 2009.

One Response to “Quite simply, it is HOT.”

  1. hey you guys! Where are ya? Any chance I can see you or at least pass you a water bottle from the side of a road somewhere? I miss you guys and love you muchly! I am so proud of you both! Wow long course champion lady, you rock harder than black sabbeth!


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