Lightning, lakes and tracks

sheetlightning-fullLast night there was a spectacular thunder and lightning show and I just finished spinning (under shelter) to another electrical extravaganza – along with a brief spurt of some crazy hard rain. There is some pretty amazing energy in the air when the weather gets like that, and it brings back fond memories of summers in the Okanagan. The heat of the summer often gives rise to convection storms and I remember chilling out on my parent’s deck after a day on the lake, eating dinner, and watching lightning.  “Oooh look at that one!” KABAAMM. “Wow that was loud… awesome!!”

Hopefully lightning strikes don’t give rise to too many more wildfires.  The accompanying rain has helped the Terrace Mountain Fire on the westside of Okanagan lake and the air was considerably fresher today.  Much nicer for training.

Trevor and I went to our favorite lake swimming spot on Kalamalka lake armed with our Blueseventy Point Zero 3 Swimskins. Last time we did a hard effort in the lake we were cooking by the end so we decided to try a swim sans-neoprene. I knew I’d be fine, but Trev was worried about getting too cold. I called “self-HandTblueseventyfulfilling prophecy”. Sure enough the poor guy was frozen by the end. In some ways we can’t relate. He doesn’t understand how I can sweat from every pore in my body and still feel hot (and after all these years still likes to ewww in amazement about just how drenched I get) – I don’t understand how he can get teeth-chattering cold on a 35oC day in lake water that is well above the wetsuit cut off temperature. The top 5 cm literally felt like bath water, and we were swimming hard…  Anyway, it was a very enjoyable swim for me – despite the annoying stops for Mr. 0% body fat to hug warm boulders close to shore to warm up. The last 10 minutes were max-effort panic mode to get him back to our starting point. I was seeking shade 5 minutes later, he was goose bumply and still shivering. Strange.

After the swim we went to the Polsen Park track to do a fun little run workout with some fartlek intervals. It was mid-day HOT and the little kiddy water park near by provided some added humidity, so I was totally digging the Hawaii-ness. Running in circles while families picnic in the shade and look at you like you are insane was good toughness training compared to the glorious trails runs we’ve been doing lately. It is so easy to just run when you are on a great trail out in the mountains – 2 hrs disappear in the blink of an eye – but the track is a different story.  The mud holes and the IMGP1874resident seagulls did make it a little less monotonous. There was stuff to dodge and you had to pick a good line.  There are 4 high-schools in Vernon and it’s population is about 40,000 yet there is one ~400m oddly shaped, rough, dirt track. In Santa Ynez, where we were in California, there was one high school, the population was 6000 and there was an AMAZING track (the high school had it’s own pool too!). Go figure. This part of Canada is pretty weak on the track facility end of things. Good thing there are gorgeous, clean lakes and lots of cross country ski areas for trail running to make up for it.

Trevor was good and hot by the end of our run workout and we got to play in the water park to cool off!


~ by trevorandheather on July 25, 2009.

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