What’s with all the heart conditions

achy-breaky-heartSo, another Ironman athlete has been diagnosed with a heart condition – Gina Ferguson.  Amanda Lovato had a scare at IM Coeur d’Alene, too.  I was shocked to learn how many ex-pro triathletes are living with pace-makers or had to drop the sport because of some weird heart problem.  Greg Welsh, Scott Tinley… Then Steve Larsen dies on a track while doing a workout.  Shortly after, Torbjorn Sindballe retires because of heart issues.  I’m sure there’s many more.  What the hell is going on?  Maybe people with heart conditions are drawn to tough sporting events.  Surely it’s not the other way around.

Strangely enough I (Trevor) have my own appointment with a cardiologist next Tuesday.  Mainly because of some weird heart beats (or lack thereof) that I had back in February, but also because the opportunity to get full physicals from a great sports science clinic in Kelowna came up – iQuest.  It’ll be great to get tested despite the clean bill of unhealthy health that I’m sure will come.  Heather’s had her own share of freaky heart beats.  One time while lying in bed she had three massive beats in succession that felt like a little alien trying to get out of her chest.

HeartRules_V6xBfOdbliiEHas anyone else had freaky missed heart beats?  Like when you’re lying in bed and you feel your heart stop, then you have time to think about when the next beat is going to come.  Then it comes, but in the form of a massive one-off beat that shakes the bed?  I’ve been told it’s a somewhat regular occurrence for athletes going from a generally laid back effort in training to a sudden increase in fitness and fatigue. A bit of a disconnect from brain and body – From the Brain: “You don’t need to beat, you stupid heart, guy is totally fit.  Oh, wait!!! Beat more than that, catch up, catch up, he’s not THAT fit.”

I hope everyone is well and heart healthy.


This smoke in the Okanagan valley seems to be following Heather and I around.  We stay in Kelowna and the smoke sticks around, we go to Vernon and the wind blows it north, we drive even further north and a storm blows in that takes it all the way to Salmon Arm.  Cough.  But, I won’t complain too much, there are plenty of people that are feerful for their homes and could care less about a little bit of smoke in their lungs.  Some rain last night left us with a glimpse of blue sky, we’ll gladly take it.

~ by trevorandheather on July 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “What’s with all the heart conditions”

  1. Hi-I have been assured by my MD that those “weird” heartbeats are completely normal, a way of recalibrating so to speak, and that it is more common for them to happen while you are laying or sitting in bed at night. I have had them for years, every few months or so. You get used to it, even though it is always a little unnerving.

    Thanks for all of the helpful information you post-you can thank Jonnyo-that is where I saw your link. I’ll be doing my first IM this summer so it is helpful to have other perspectives along with those of my coach.

    Good luck to you both this summer and ace those physicals!

  2. Hey! Good to hear about the normal, abnormal beats. Best of luck with your first IM! Glad you find some of our posts useful. T&H

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