Kelowna Across the Lake Swim

IMGP1845Trevor here – Today was the first of three open water swim events that we will be taking part in while in the Okanagan.  This one being the shortest of the three at 2km straight across Okanagan Lake from the Old Ferry dock to the main beach.  Special thanks goes out to Cougar Canyon clothing store in Vernon for picking up our entry fee, and of course Blueseventy wetsuits for supplying the swim gear.

It was a good race and we’re sitting here wondering where that swim time came from.  A 24:46 for Trevor and a 25:30 for Heather – about 2 minutes faster than anything we’ve done in a triathlon 1.9 km swim this year and 3 minutes faster than our Across the Lake swim from last year.  Granted, 2008 was insanely choppy and we had nice calm water for today.  On top of that I managed to find some wicked fast feet that were a struggle to stay with the whole way.  You know when that happens you’re in for your best possible swim split.  I’m 90% sure the course wasn’t short, the best guys did the 2 kilometers in just over 22 minutes, standard for super good club swimmers.

IMGP1857Heather and I had planned to stay together and take turns pulling, but about 400m into the race she got pushed under by an overly aggressive athlete.  At that point we were at flat out max effort so losing the draft put her out of reach of my feet and the speedy guy I was with.  We both put in an effort way higher than anything we reach in a triathlon swim and left the race feeling pretty content.  An age group win for Heather (second for me), a top 10 overall for me, a great training swim, and some very knackered lats and triceps.

Mentally we can’t tolerate a 2km max effort time trial in the pool very often so it’s great to get it done in the open water.  Chuckie V (Our coach) says he used to do 5km TT’s on his own in the pool quite frequently.  We haven’t gone there yet.  Give me open water any day – that black line drives me insane.

IMGP1866Next event on the menu is the Rattle Snake Island swim on August 8th.  More than 3 times the distance of this one at 7km.  Now THAT I can take – it’s basically an adventure swim.  In fact, you swim right over top of the Ogopogo’s lair.  I’ve heard it’s quite spooky on the far side of that island.  But that could just be Jonnyo trying to psych us out.  I believe he won the 2008 event.  I swear he calls to the giant beast to help push him along… kinda like that kid in Free-Willy.

P.S. We know that this new WordPress format doesn’t fit as well with our current website, but we’ve changed in in advance of the big unveiling of our  super cool new Team Wurtele site. Stay tuned….


~ by trevorandheather on July 18, 2009.

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