Gyro Swim Loop

Gyroswimloopstart2.5 weeks post-Ironman and things are starting to come back to normal.  We’ve put in a respectable week of training, still with plenty of caution to ensure proper recovery from Ironman Coeur d’Alene.  Heather’s got a bit of time to rest up and re-focus for Hawaii.  I, on the other hand, am staring Ironman Canada in the face so can’t let things slide too far.  We’re both confident we’ll be bringing some decent legs to this weekend’s Desert Half Iron – the Canadian Long Course Champs in Osoyoos.

One of the best things about the Okanagan valley is all the lake swimming.  So many beautiful lakes for swimming!!  Vernon has countless beaches where you can swim in some of the most beautiful water imaginable – our favorite swim being from Jade and Juniper Bay to Cousins Bay on Kalamalka Lake. But we’ve discovered that  Kelowna isn’t too shabby either! (We’re both from Vernon originally so we’ve had to let go of some anti-Kelowna prejudge).  Kelowna has an amazing open water swimming communtiy, complete with open water swim courses, marked every 50 meters with a swim buoys.  We’ve been frequenting the Giro swim course since we first were introduced to it at an open water group swim on Saturday.  There are regular Saturday morning time trials at the Gyro Swim loop, with some great swimmers and super friendly people. So cool. Last weekend was a mass start, but I believe they’ll be sending each of us individually this coming Saturday.  You can choose from a 1 lap 800m TT or a 2 lap 1600m race.  Such a great way to get some opemn water training in!

The Okanagan also has some awesome open water swim events, a few of which we’re going to do.  July 18th is the Kelowna Across the Lake Swim – which we did last year as well.  August 8th there’s a 7km swim from Peachland, around Rattlesnake Island and back.  If you take a look at Peachland on Google maps and switch it to Sattelite view, you can zoom in and see the island on the other side of the lake.  rattlesnakeislandswimWe’re looking forward to that one, though I think we’ll need to get Jonnyo to fix our GPS device.  And one final swim race we’ll hopefully do is the ‘Downhill Swim’ in the channel from Okanagan Lake to Skaha Lake – through Penticton – the week before Ironma Canada.  The distane is 6km, but I’m not sure what the flowing water does to shorten the times for that.  They should throw in a couple rapids to make it interesting.

Fun times!!


~ by trevorandheather on July 9, 2009.

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