Getting close to race week

For some reason the internet connection is not doing me any favors tonight so I’ve only uploaded two photos.  Perhaps I’ll put some more up tomorrow.  IMGP1734

Hard to believe we’ve been in Coeur d’Alene for a week already.  Heather and I have been enjoying ourselves.  There are two lakes to choose from – Coeur d’Alene and Hayden lakes – and some amazing riding with very little traffic.  Then of course you’ve got your typical US High School with million dollar track and field facilities just down the road.
Our homestay family was generous enough to let us use their truck so we could drive our bikes out the 30 miles along hwy 90 to the ‘Trail of the Coeur d’Alene’s’ last Friday.  It’s an old abandoned rail line (much like the Galloping Goose in Victoria) but this one is paved for 73 miles along the Coeur d’Alene River, through wetlands and along the south end of the lake.  We started in the middle, at mile 42 and rode to mile 0 and back.  All of it dead-pan-flat with perfect asphalt and a slight 3% ‘climb’ at the far end.  Akin to riding a virtual reality computrainer with no need to stop for traffic.  It was an awesome, scenic ride.
DSC_0319Lake swimming has been wicked too.  We’ve ventured into CDA lake twice, both times starting down in the river where the water has got to be 5 degrees colder.  Even down at that end it’s tolerable if you can suck up a couple minutes of face pain.  It is fun to start out against a current and once you’re in the lake proper the water definitely warms up. It’s going to be perfect on race day provided some freak storm doesn’t chop up the water.  Another great lake option is Hayden lake at the North end of town.  Waaaay warmer, but you’ve got a few more boats to contend with (A non-issue with Jonnyo’s GPS device though!).
Aside from training we’ve got a great place to hang out.  Jim Kozak owns a small bike shop called Cyclemetrix.  We get the free run of the place.  I’ve never had the opportunity to look in a bike shop to my hearts content without that feeling of needing to buy something or get out.  I go in there every evening and check out the products.
IMGP1740Then comes the relaxation end of things.  The Kozak’s have two kids who drag us on to the trampoline every chance they get. It’s a fun place to get your mind off the race and keep things loose.  Heather and I are both amazed at how hard bouncing on a trampoline can be – we’ve been left winded on more than one occasion.  Unfortunately now that race day is pretty close we may have to back off on the tramp sessions.  We did get to go out and watch their daughters, Kestrelle and Sierra, race in a kids duathlon yesterday.  That was a great way to spend the morning; cheering a bunch of kids going flat out, 110%, sprinting the whole race, regardless of the distance.  Check out the run stride of Kestrelle and the bike power of Sierra – no wonder they cleaned house in their respective age divisions.
Things are about to get busy for Heather.  She’s already had a couple newspaper interviews, has a quick little photo shoot to do today for Fred’s Team (the folks raffling off a Blue Triad with front and rear 404’s – and a free hour in the wind tunnel).  Come Thursday there’s the Blue Bike Demo at Cyclemetrix, Friday is the Pro press conference, hopefully Saturday will be the lay low day prior to race day on Sunday.
All in all things are looking good.  We’ll see what 4 months of training full time can do for an Ironman result pretty quickly here.  In looking at the times from last year you can tell it’s a tough course so I may not even start a watch till the run.  I like not knowing what’s going on till the Marathon on a course that I’ve never done.  The most satisfying part of an Ironman for me is passing people in the last 10 km of the run.  I get such an energy boost from that.  Although – having a 15 minute lead like Heather did last year wouldn’t exactly be morally deflating!! We’re both so much fitter than at any point last year.  It’ll really comes down to putting it all together and sticking to the plan on race day.  Having fun and racing against herself was Heather’s golden ticket last year.  You’d be amazed how your frame of mind can affect your day – so enjoy it y’all.


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