Leathermen and Bananaboats

Note Leatherman in rubber holster

Note Leatherman in rubber holster

A couple days ago, Chuckie and I were talking about the stuff we find on the side of the road.  Apparently he finds so many tools that he doesn’t even stop anymore.   Today, however, I believe I found the mother of all tools, and most definitely my finest find, ever, on the side of a road.  A Leatherman ‘Surge’.  Although, there is that one time where I quite literally rode my bike through a bunch of $20 bills flying through the wind.  I kid you not, I raked it in that day.  Todays find was almost as impressive – retailing for $115 on Leatherman.com.

In an act of fairness I will give the rightful owner (a tool himself for loosing this thing) a chance to reclaim his or her tool.  If you can answer the following three questions with respect to your tool, I will give it back.

#1. Complete the engraving on the back:  “To my brother ____, the only man I ever loved.”
#2. What should the sharp serrated knife be used for?
#3. How many real men of BAMF-ness has Jordan Rapp honored?
#4. If you get the first three questions right, then stand on the side of the road so I can throw it at you, just like those cool guys in the big diesel trucks that like to discard their half empty McDonalds soft drink cups as they pass us riding.  Couldn’t you have waited 30 seconds, surely you weren’t actually trying to hit us with that thing?

IMGP1563On another topic, NEVER buy Banana Boat ‘Sport Performance’ sunscreen if you plan on exerting yourself.  Yes, it stops the sun plenty fine, but you may as well have smeared vaseline all over your body when it comes to the breathability factor.  I have never sweat so much in my life, my eye lids and knee caps were dripping in a full on 20 mile an hour headwind.  Every pore on my body was dying for a breath of air.  Heather, who sweats a lot to begin with, could hardly hold her handlebars while descending the worlds 3rd roughest ‘paved’ road; Drum Canyon.  Third only to Cat Canyon (10 miles away) and the Forest of Arenburg in Belgium where everyone eats dirt in Paris-Roubaix.forestarenburg


~ by trevorandheather on May 26, 2009.

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