Are you hippy?

hippy203My (Trevor) sister has been traveling around South America for a couple months.  She’s an avid rock climber and mountaineer type.  Basically, she could kill me in a chin up competition or arm wrestle without even flinching (maybe not arm wrestle, but chin ups FOR SURE).  She told me a great little story about a recent language barrier she encountered- I thought I would share, hopefully it comes across in writing as funny as it did verbally.

While hiking up to base camp of Aconcagua, her and her boyfriend joined up with a couple of Russian climbers intent on making it up to the summit as well.  After a couple hours of hiking and talking, one of the Russian guys asked my sister if she was a hippy.  It came out like – “Are you hippy?”.  My sister, a bit shocked, replied, “No, why? Do I look hippy? Why do you think I look hippy?”.  I’m pretty sure the conversation went sideways from the point with Kristen wondering if she smelt like patchouly.  Later that same evening around their camp fire the Russian fellow laid back, nice and relaxed with his supper in his lap, looking at stars, utterly content and said, “Right now, I am so hippy.”

I know, I know…I’m the worlds best (Also known as worst in this case) storyteller.  Please send praise! Haha.  Honestly, I don’t even know if the guy was Russian…i think they may have even been in Red Rock, not Aconcagua, but it sounds so much better.

I just failed rule number two of storytelling…don’t give away the embelishments.  I’m just too damn honest.  Kristen…retell the story, you’re not only a better chin up artist than I, you inherited dad’s gift of story telling.

Happy mothers day to my Mom.  And word to everyone elses, I hope it was a hippy day for you.


~ by trevorandheather on May 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Are you hippy?”

  1. When I read about the language barrier (or accents in this case), I was reminded about the time when Heather was around 4 years old.
    She had a friend who’s mother had a deep Scottish accent and she smoked as well.
    We were at the mall, and it was “No smoking week” and there were diplays with pictures of healthy lungs and smoker’s lungs(which were black!).
    Heather said to me, “Mrs Stewart must have black lungs, because she talks funny”.
    Just a little trip down memory lane.
    Happy training!

  2. I LOVE the art on this post! I did a search for “hippy” and this came up. Did you make it?

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