Santa Barabara 50m Outdoor Pool

imgp1425Another great couple days of training in the bag for Heather and I.  The weather has been unfortunately cold, however.  Coming down to California we had assumed we’d be wearing shorts and T-shirts exclusively – not the case.  Even back in February when we stopped in at Lake San Antonio the weather was warmer than it has been lately.  Once in awhile we’ll get a really great day, but we have yet to ride with just shorts and a jersey.  Yesterday would have been an exception, but we had a long swim and hilly run on tap.  For that we ventured down to Santa Barbara to get some time in a long course pool.  Most pools in the states seem to be 25 yards so we thoroughly enjoyed our swim in the outdoor, sunny as can be, 50 m pool just off the ocean.  On top of that we got to actually swim with fit people, something that Lompoc seems to be desperately missing.  There’s still something strange about the hours of aquatic facilities around this area.  For some reason they only open for brief stretches at a time.  Either a morning swim, mid-day swim, or evening swim.  Any other time and there’s nothing going on.  I’ve never seen this happen in Canada, you’re almost always assured some sort of swim lane…even if it is the one lane right down the middle of the pool sandwiched between the 60+ water aerobics (most seem to simply float on a pool noodle) to your left and the rehabilitation clinic on your right.

imgp1427On another note, Heather and I are thinking of making our way back up to Canada sooner than expected.  Not because we’re unhappy down here, we just plain and simply want some lake swimming and a 50m pool during the lead up the Ironman Coeur D’Alene.  Lompoc has some of the greatest training we could possibly find, especially for winter, but the Okanagan valley is just kick ass once it warms up.  Sure the lakes won’t be warm yet, in fact they’ll be insanely freezing…nothing a little vaseline on the face and hands won’t fix, though.  So, we MIGHT (Ie. we don’t KNOW YET and we’ll decide at the last minute) be up in the Okanagan as early as Mid-May.  If that doesn’t happen we’ll just rough it (hahaha) down in Solvang/Lompoc….there’s always Ocean swimming but apparently the shark problem is actually a problem…and one we don’t need to try and prove wrong.  Chuckie doesn’t even walk in the Ocean because of it…I am not exaggerating.  Then again Chuckie is worried about dying in every possible manor..except death by a Mountain Lion, in fact he seems to relish in the possibility that that may one day happen.

Wildflower is fast approaching.  Those of you coming down to the race you’ll have to come check out the new line of AVIA shoes.  You’ve probably seen the ads already – AVI-Stolz; the new XTERRA inspired shoe designed in major part by Conrad Stolz.  And the new AVI-Bolt – their new lightweight racing flat, improved with a bit more rigidity and support than the old version.  I have yet to try those but I’m hoping they’ll be supportive enough to use in an Ironman.  If not, my favorite shoe so-far is the AVI-Lite II’s…I run em till they really fall apart as you can see below.  These have a ton of mileage on them for such a light shoe…and still the sole was great.  Had I not taken them trail running in Hawaii they probably would have gone on much further.


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  1. Sharks don’t scare me. Getting eaten by sharks does, however. They exist here too. Once, for example, I saw an entire swarm (school, technically) of them heading up the Santa Ynez River, right up to my front porch in Santa Ynez, where they sat and waited, stalking. I locked my door.

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