Oceanside 70.3 – Heather’s race report

oceansideWell, it was the first race of the year and I’d like to think that I got my one bad one out of my system! I tend to be too hard on myself and I have taken awhile to get out of my post-mediocre-race-funk. It was a C race and I went in with a lot of fatigue after an epic first 2 months as a full-time athlete. I need to just chalk it up to a great training day and be happy with that.  The thing is, that the training I’ve been doing down here in California has so far exceeded anything I’ve done in the past, that I expected to do better, even though I was going in tired… especially on the swim and the bike. It was an off day and that was that. They happen. I didn’t feel awful, but I never felt great. I was satisfied with my run in that my mile splits stayed steady. I couldn’t crank it up a notch and really hurt – to go half iron fast (or double-olympic as I’ve started to call it!) – but I could pretty much hold a similar pace for an Ironman and that’s exactly what I’ve been training to do. I also felt like I was just getting warmed up by the end of the ride… give me another 90 km or so and I’d be happy! We’ve been focusing on length and strenght so that all makes sense. The speed will come later. Had a good talk with Coach Chuck the other day and we hashed out a lot of things about training and the mental aspects of internalizing race results, and long term perspective.  One doesn’t want to bank on the future, but this sport takes time and I’m going to be faster next year than this, and faster the year after that. Right now, a lot of the training is geared to being able to train as hard as I need to to win Ironman’s year after year.  Oceanside-schmoshenside, it’s APRIL and the best is yet to come!


~ by trevorandheather on April 10, 2009.

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