Gearing Up

imgp1329Today – Sunday – was our last pretty tough day before the California Ironman 70.3 down in Oceanside.  It was one of our first really speedy track workouts since coming down here.  Most of our run training is geared directly at strength and endurance work that will really get us going for Wildflower and the full distance Ironman events coming mid-season.  We don’t stay away from speed work all together, but today Chuckie V had us doing a bunch of 800’s at sub race pace, split with a timed mile at max effort.  Neither Heather or myself have ever done a timed mile before so we went into it not really having any expectations.  We do lots of timed miles, our longest being an 18 mile MAF test – not including warm up and cool down – but never have we gone for broke to set our fastest mile time.  MAF tests for me typically yield a fast first lap of 6:15/mile at 145 BPM, by the 12th mile I’m usually hovering around 6:50’s or 7’s on a bad day.  Heather usually starts at 7:00, then only slows to 7:18’s which it seems she could hold indefinitely.  That’s pretty much how she wins Ironman’s…she just does not slow down.  The all out mile was fun – up until the final lap which then just becomes insanely painful.  We don’t really have anything to base our times off of right now, but our first all out miles, smack in the middle of a group of 800m repeats, are 5:11 for me and a 5:50 for Heather.  Basically, 1.5 minutes slower than the best pure runners in the world.  1.5 minutes over the course of 5 minutes.  Haha, almost 23″ per LAP!!!.  But then I don’t think Hicam El Garouje (Sp?) could ride a bike for 180 km under 5 hrs if his life depended on it.

That’s the funny thing (and great thing) about Ironman Triathlon.  Even the absolute best in the world, which I wouldn’t hesitate to say is Craig Alexander at the moment, has room to improve on each of the three sports.  It’s finding that balance between the three that keeps us all so keen to train and race every day.

AVIA sent us our new race kit last week.  Hopefully by the time we get around to finding an internet connection and posting this we’ll have a couple photos to put up as well.  Pretty snazzy Troy Lee designed pattern.

imgp1323We also have to give a big thanks to our new sponsor Custom House Foreign Exchange.  Those of you transferring money back and forth between two countries should really check these guys out.  They act as an intermediary for giving you a better exchange rate than what you’d get on your Credit Card or with your bank.  It’s all done online, they can withdraw the money directly from your bank account and send it to another bank account or wire recipient.  Pay a bill, buy a car, buy a house…any amount and no fees.

Blue Bikes – we’re going in to our first full season on the new Triad’s but have each done a race on one.  Such a beautiful bike – plus they give you a free hour in the A2 Wind Tunnel with the purchase.


~ by trevorandheather on March 30, 2009.

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