Heather’s IMC race report


Thanks for your patience (I am sure our huge host of fans were just chomping at the bit 😉

Trev and I at the banquet – a 1/2 a glass of wine really does a number on us!

Goofing around afterwards. You may think that Trevor is a shy, quiet fellow, but little do you know…

Here is the wordy bit:

How did I feel about my race? I was definitely not my usual self, and the race was a lesson in staying mentally strong when physically I was off.
Still, 3rd place in that deep of a pro field, on the challenging IMC course, is something I have to be happy with.
My goal times were 55 min for the swim, 5hrs for the ride (which was very ambitious, but I thought doable) and 3:15 for the run.
I did 55:01 on the swim, 5:11 on the ride which was a great time (just not compared to Belinda Granger!), and my run sucked. My new Blue bike was just AWESOME, so stiff and light, and my AVIA shoes were fantastic.. just my legs weren’t!

I shouldn’t say that my run sucked, either. There were brilliant moments of complete focus and I was very happy with myself for being able to dismiss negative thoughts and return to positive focus, and my form cues. I just wish that quick leg turnover, leaning forward, “light and quick”, “strong and efficient” would happen automatically without having to concentrate so much!!

The way out to the end of Skaha lake was tough, with a super strong head wind to slow my 6’2″ surface area down… oh right, but I dismissed this thought and enjoyed the fact that it kept things cool. I saw Lisa Bently, Sarah Gross and Desiree Ficker behind me after the 1/2 way turnaround and was determined to fend them off – the wind would push me more too right!? I had to take a couple of bathroom breaks with an upset stomach which made catching Alison Fitch more and more unlikely, but I still kept hoping…

Surprizingly, the best part of the run for me was between 30 and 39 km. I just thought, this this like running home from work. I do this all the time when I am exhausted and I go fast. No problemo. The last few k were tough though (mostly b/c my focus drifted from being in the moment to just getting to the finish – something to work on in the future!) and the part where they send you out, away from the finish, and PAST the turnaround at the start of the race, along lakeshore drive was pure torture. Seeing Sarah and Lisa yet again, and a lot closer than I imagined, put a bit more wind in my sails for the last 500m or so!

Post race was a bit ugly with crazy diaphragm cramps that felt like they were compressing my lungs, and made me hyperventilate which made all sorts of other fun things happen… hypertension, blurred vision, tingly arms, really bad shivers… but the med tent people were wonderful and got me feeling better. The night after was the worst I have ever experienced. Starving, but unable to keep anything down and zero sleep. Not sure of the cause… perhaps the Coke. I am very sensitive to caffeine and I don’t usually drink it during the run, but I took a fair bit this time around.

hum. I am going about this a bit backwards…

The swim was one of the rougher ones I have been involved in. Trevor has been swimming so strong lately, I decided that I would just stay on his feet if the pace seemed good. We were both determined to get with a good pack, having done too many swims all by our lonesome, and I knew that he would be on top of things tactically.

It was pure madness for much of the way out with someone clawing at my ankle and timing chip, and the lovely gentleman beside me intentionally grabbing my shoulder and pushing me backwards and down in the water. That really freaked me out, but I was able to swim hard for a bit and find Trevor again. Jerkoff was trying to kick me out of the draft and was being a dufus hitting Trev’s legs high on the calf when ever he got behind him (note – it isn’t too smart to slow the person you are drying to draft off down by beating them up!!). Towards the finish he did the shoulder grab thing to me again, and I lost the little breakaway that Trev made with a little pack. I was all flustered, but saw Belinda Granger and got behind her for the last bit into the beach.

I love wetsuit strippers, but my two needed to be a little more aggressive b/c there was a big hang up on the ankles that has never happened in previous strips. I also lost my glasses behind the seat in T1 and wasted what felt like an eternity as the volunteers and I scrambled around looking for them.

Once on the bike all was well and I just did my thing. I passed Lisa Bently at about about 6 km in and then she re-passed me about 30 sec later. I was just in the zone, keeping my pace, but when her front wheel was about 2 inches in front of mine she looked over and SCREAMED at me “you have to back off!! get out of the zone!!”. I was just so flabbergasted I stopped peddling and yelled “I am not even peddling!”. I coasted til I was well over 5 bike lengths back and then passed again b/c the pace just wasn’t what I wanted. She obviously didn’t think that I backed out of the zone b/c there was some frustrated, angry, growling when I went by. All I could do was shake my head and shrug my shoulders and not feel bad about it, b/c I knew I didn’t do anything wrong. Funny enough, the camera guys were beside us the whole time and got it all on tape which they showed during the pro video at the awards banquet!! Lisa and I were able to laugh about it, which was good, because I don’t dig bad Karma.

I race on feel without any power meter etc. on the bike but I think I would have liked to have a bit more info for this race. I was on my own for the whole ride after Okanangan Falls and getting splits about Belinda pulling away made it tough to gauge my performance. I felt like I was riding well, but I definitely didn’t have my usual kick up the Yellow Lake climb.

Having only had our new bikes for one, yes ONE, week pre-race I was super amazed at how totally comfortable I was (even minor position adjustments could, conceivably, become big problems over the space of 5hrs). I definitely felt like my equipment was a major advantage. Yay beautiful Blue bikes with Sram Red componenets (so sweet!). The lightness, and better power transfer and stiffness of the frame was hugely noticeable for me, especially on the long climbs. I also was able to do all the things that I learned about in the wind tunnel to improve my aerodynamics on the fast sections which was a great mental boost for me.

We will write a post with all of our wicked pictures of the wind tunnel (and let all you fellow canucks know important things about Southern US cuisine – e.x. what the heck Hush Puppies are) in the near future!

If you managed to read this far, CHEERS!



~ by trevorandheather on August 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “Heather’s IMC race report”

  1. I really enjoyed the inside scoop, although it made me exhausted just reading it:)

  2. Good stuff Heather. Trevor, how about your race report?!

  3. Heather rocked harder than black sabbeth! Look out Kona!

    Trevor what a great time! You are both my heros! It was so great to see you guys race again. I won’t be able to watch in hawaii but I will be cheeering from here

  4. Great Job again Heather! You rock!

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