Team Canada

Well this cartoon pretty much says it.

I am getting irritated by all the Team Canada bashers. There have been many top performances, Canadian records, huge personal bests and top finishes. In Athens we had 60 athletes finish between 6th and 8th but no one hears about this.  So many elements factor into competition at the elite level. You can do your absolute best on the day and place forth, and that doesn’t mean that you suck, or that you’ve failed and disappointed your country. 

I think Canadians need to stop sitting on their couches and judging all of these athletes. They’re people who have worked extremely hard to get where they are, and have much to be proud of. I felt so bad when Mike Brown apologized to Canada for not winning a medal in the 100 m backstroke..there was absolutely no need for him to apologize, he did his best! That is so Canadian too… don’t swear and get angry, appologize. Be polite, never offend, but oh, we expect you to have the passion, drive and fight to win among the best in the world. But we aren’t going to fund your sport so deal with that disadvantage too.

We like to compare ourselves to Australia since they are another commonwealth nation, but we don’t compare coaching, training and funding structures. Not to mention national priorities. How many medals does Australia win in the WINTER Olympics? Do their countrymen moan and groan that they’ve not medaled in Nordic combined skiing? What is the ratio of running tracks and swimming pools to hockey rinks in most Canadian cities?  But, hey, lets sit on the sidelines and bash our swimmers and soccer players and shot-put throwers…
I’ll finish my little rant with one of the few intelligent comments I have read, by Dennis Gale:
“Let’s compare the Olympics to our education system. The total emphasis on medals is like saying that the top three high school mathematics students in the country succeeded and every other student in Canada failed. How ridiculous. Both excellence in education and excellence in sport require lifelong dedication, perseverance, grit and determination. These are admirable traits in any society and are not to be belittled or ridiculed under any circumstances. I am so proud of all of our athletes at the Olympics. They have taken the high road, overcoming obstacles and climbing mountains. Their efforts have inspired an entire nation except, of course, for those who simply refuse to be inspired.
I guess that remains their loss.”

~ by trevorandheather on August 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Team Canada”

  1. Aloha Heather!! Hope your rest/taper is going GREAT! At least we have the Olympics to keep us busy during the “sit and do hardly anything” moments! BEST to you for a great race & I must confess I am so glad you already have your slot, gives me a little less nervousness having to earn mine yet!

  2. Maybe Canada thinks money is a banned substance at the Olympics!

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