Blue bikes press release and rest day video… uh, I mean pictures

Trevor and I had a rest day today. We got a nifty Pentax camera that takes pictures and videos UNDERWATER! Swim form critique time tomorrow!! Anyway, we relaxed at the beach a bit this morning and played with our new toy. I spent far too much time learning how to use iMovie on our able-to-do-far-more-cool-things-than-I-am-aware Mac so I thought I’d post a little video…. BUT, Trevor poo pooed it so here are some pictures instead.

While sitting in front of the computer, being all creative, I got word from a friend, who is the most on-top-of-all-things-triathlon guy I know, that a press release came out on Inside Tri r.e. our wicked new bike sponsor Blue Competition Cycles. We are SUPER STOKED to be riding their bikes! We didn’t post anything yet was b/c we wanted to include lots of cool pictures (and now videos!) of our time in the wind tunnel. We are heading to Charlotte, North Carolina, this weekend to get all set up and are more excited than kids before Christmas! Stay tuned for more info…

P.S. read the blog post below and DO THE SURVEY!!

Above: on the beach at thetis lake, Below: in the somewhat murky water!

Trevor, relaxed with his favorite beverage – coffee

~ by trevorandheather on August 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Blue bikes press release and rest day video… uh, I mean pictures”

  1. Who wears short shorts??? TREVOR wears short shorts!!!!

  2. What is that squirrel doing on top of your head?

  3. Ha ha… that is the hair of someone standing behind me (don’t recall any squirrles anyway) That’s funny, I didn’t even notice how goofy that looks!

    And Mike, Trevor has to show off his wicked ride tan lines somehow!

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