Chewing the fat

Random Pic. I like waves, though wouldn’t think of going near this one.  Google Search ‘Teahupo’ for some chilling videos and images.


What a wicked week of training.  Who knew training without a job could be so enjoyable and productive.  Duh.  Recovery is so quick when you don’t have to stay up until mid-night as I do, or get up at 5:30 as Heather does.  We’re always on opposite schedules during most week days.  It was such a treat to get a full week of training, sleeping and general well being together.  Our goal for the week was to put in some long hours…and that we did.   We blew away our biggest ever week (8 days in this case)by over 10hrs. That’s phenomenal, but the best part is it wasn’t taxing to the point of overdoing it.  I’m actually sitting back in Victoria wondering if maybe we should have suffered more.  But then I look at the log book and laugh at that thought.  It was a week to remember when things get tough on race day at IM Canada.  With another two solid weeks of training I am extremely confident race day will see another big chunk of time taken off my Ironman Canada PB.  I would not be surprised if Heather stormed through a good portion of the men’s field as well.  Damn she can ride. 

I like reading other blogs.  I am a blog reader.  One topic that seems to be hitting most blogs right now is race weight and food intake.  I would say my biggest genetic gift (massive defect in the case of cold water), is that I have next to no body fat.  I fluctuate about 5 pounds per day(none of which is fat storage), 365 days per year.  Training, no training, eat as much as I feel like…whenever I feel like.  No change in my body fat or weight.  I can’t gain it, I can’t lose it.  Nor do I want to do either of those things to be honest.  Bed time snacks are my favorite and I believe to be a big part of recovering well, provided it’s decent food.  As athletes, so many people say going to bed hungry or starving yourself is good if you’re trying to lose weight.  Is it really?  Maybe if you’re sedentary, but surely that’s got to cost you some recovery time and leave your muscles wanting when you’re training hard.   Obviously there’s a point where you can eat too much and I imagine even I have that point.  Perhaps my genetic gift is mental, in that I only eat when I’m hungry or I know when my muscles need fuel.  Doubtful.  Judging by the pile of cookies and cheese cake I ate at the Pacific Buffet on the Ferry today, I would say that’s 100% not the case.  But, I do make sure to eat well before consuming the shit.  The shit food simply seems to maintain my current fatless state.  One can only eat so many avocadoes and nuts so don’t tell me to go there…and burritos (not taco time, I’m talking good burritos)are healthy if you look past the dirty chicken and insanely processed wrap. 

Most of you have seen the movie “What it takes”.  I always wonder if Peter Reid actually went to bed hungry and starved himself as much as he said he did, or does he just say that crap to ruin his competitors preparation.  I see him being conniving like that.  Yeah, your body will grab your fat and use it as fuel…yada yada yada.  There’s only so much your body can pull out of a fat cell for repairing damaged muscle tissue.  They’re plentiful in terms of caloric energy, but that’s different than recovering from the days effort.  I quite possibly don’t know what the heck I’m talking about so please don’t show up to IM Canada 20 lbs over weight and smack me upside the head.  Either way, I honestly think I’m on to something by going to bed full(on good food) and happy.  Feel free to correct me if you know I’m wrong.

Good night.  Burp.

~ by trevorandheather on July 27, 2008.

One Response to “Chewing the fat”

  1. I agree that after a big training day going to bed with major hunger pangs is a questionable idea. Still, not all of us are blessed with Trevor’s metabolism or ‘self control’. The guy can have a 1/2 a plate of delicious food in front of him and not eat it just because it is there and tastes yummy. His “I’m satiated” stomach brain cues are quick/strong ones. Many of us would keep eating just because food is in front of us and we don’t feel full yet (which we would if we paused for 10 min to let our brains catch up with our digestive systems.. putting less on your plate to begin with and putting leftovers away before you dig in can help those of us with slower tummy-brain connections).
    Living with a guy who seems to have a second dessert stomach can be a challenge b/c I have to refrain from the treats that he can indulge in without consequence (in terms of weight gain at least). I also refrain from all dairy and if I make a black bean burrito it would have a sprouted grain wrap with an ingredients list of 4…
    What should you eat to be healthy? PLANTS. All sorts of fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes etc.
    Anyway, we all have different metabolisms and hopefully we know ourselves well enough to know when we NEED to eat to fuel our bodies and when we are eating needlessly. Avoid the latter and you should be good.

    Side track… is emotional satisfaction an adequate reason to eat? For Trevor, the pleasure of cookies and a metabolism that doesn’t mind, this is a resounding yes. For me, guilt and a from the lips straight to the hips metabolism makes this a no.

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