We asked for heat…and we got it

It’s hot.

It’s very very hot.

Training days (2 of 8 ) end with crusty white clothes and major heat shock.  Victoria just does not see temperatures like this.  Loving it, though we were looking for any piece of shade we could find by the end of the day.

Thankfully Trevor has recovered well from the bout with the dirty burrito and it didn’t affect Saturday too badly.  Heather is still sufferring from a sore throat that she picked up from the same bout of sleep deprevation.  All that aside, based on our 2.1 km swim splits at the Across The Lake Swim we should be getting out of the water at Ironman Canada with Jan Siberson (swim record holder in Kona, I believe).  Needless to say they must have that distance wrong ’cause a sub 27′ 2.1km isn’t quite our level yet.  Especially considering the chop and swell was a little bit on the nutty side.  That was the beginning to a long day, many thanks to the Balance Point team for accompanying us on the first few hours, and to Eric Jewell for making us suffer in the last few.  We ended the day with a good T-run and 10min sitdown in the river to cool things down. 

Day two was good and hot again.  Another ride was in the cards and it certainly hurt.

Time for bed.


~ by trevorandheather on July 20, 2008.

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