Off to the Okanagan

3 more days. Three. Including tonight as I sit at work and write this. That’s three more days of working and training till we get to take off and enjoy a week of nothing but training in the Okanagan. The beautiful thing about working all the time is it really lets you appreciate the time you have on the weekends to do what you really want to do. That being: training and racing with some time to chill out in the evenings. Weekdays are rough during an Ironman build, so we’re going to enjoy the opportunity to train full time next week.

This Friday will be a drive day. The major highlight of the day, even the week perhaps, will be a good long river swim at Bromely Rock, not too far from Penticton. The swim site is epic and I can hardly contain my excitement for getting back to that location. It will be a great arm burner leading into the Husband and Wife battle the following day at the Kelowna “Across the Lake Swim”. A 2.1km point to point dash across the lake. In the words of Phil Liggit: “It…will…HURT!!”. It’s not necessarily the distance that will hurt but effort Heather and I will dish out trying to beat each other to the other side after a long river swim day.

From then on we’ve got a plan to meet up with some fellow athletes for the weekend and get in some long miles on the bike. We’ll do our own thing for the majority of the week, but it will be a good change to have some company for the first couple days we’re up there. We’re not really setting a definite training plan other than to hammer out some epic miles and push the limits. We’ve got some ideas of what we’d like to do. Namely: a couple rides on the Ironman Canada course, a ride or two up Silver Star Mtn., river swimming for sure, lake swimming in Kal lake from Cosens bay to Jade and Juniper, long point to point runs with my dad riding support. All the while getting used to some hot dry weather. Hopefully there will be a thunderstorm or two. Love those things, Victoria never gets a good clap of lightning.

Beautiful Kalamalka lake (Jade and Juniper bays)

It’s amazing how differently people train. A major sentiment going around is that running longer than 2 or 2.5 hrs doesn’t offer a significant benefit. This is probably due to the amount of time it takes to recover from such an effort. But then you read a tidbit of an article where someone, namely Sandra Wallenhorst, the new holder of the fastest female Ironman time, does 4hr training runs!!! Huh?? 4hr training runs? Who knows what that 4hr training run looks like, maybe it’s a 4hr trail run with rest intervals every hour. Or maybe it’s 4hrs with no food or water in 100 degree heat. Chuckie V put up a good post about the time spent on your feet in training. I would say he’s got a very valid point. That may not validate the necessity for a 4hr run…but something longer than 2.5hrs on the feet in training MIGHT be good. In any case, to those of you doing Ironman Canada in a little over a month: this isn’t a good time of year to try something new, like doubling your longest run. Maybe try it at the end of the year and see how you come out of it. In 2006 I accidentally ran 4hrs by getting lost and ended up having to sacrifice a couple days of training afterwards, so any net benifit was probably totally lost. Same thing with Epic ride days. Again in 2006 I did a 13.5hr 400+km ride and came out of it badly. I love doing stuff like that, simply for the challenge, but decided to avoid it this year in favor of keeping things consistent and good for Ironman Canada…probably for the best on race day.

A friend of ours, Randy Duncan, has done plenty of Ironmans and has recently upped the ante and taken on Ultra Running. The guy goes for 9-10 hr training runs, not to mention the actual races that are longer than that, seriously painful stuff. I’m going to ask him how he thinks that would benefit a future Ironman if he were to do one again. I’ll keep you posted…Randy!! If you’re reading this post a comment and let us all know if the Ironman Marathon would be a snap after your year of Ultra running. I’d be interested to see you do another Ironman next year and find out how it goes.

Anyway, we may or may not update the blog again while in the Okanagan. We’ll probably try and tune out of pretty much everything except training. It’s amazing how much of my time and my employers time I can waste on the internet. Err, I mean working really hard and thoroughly enjoying my 8hrs behind my desk…that I love :P.


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  2. Have fun in the Okanagan! Don’t be afraid to push; now’s the time.

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