Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens.

Trevor; I’m happy to report another top 10 placing in an Ironman 70.3 event. This time with a 8th place and final money spot on the day. It was not without problems and that little prize really saved the day after a disastrous start. The evening before they had measured the water temp at 72 degrees, the official wetsuit cut-off for Elite athletes. For me, this is something that I would most certainly NEVER welcome with open arms. I’ve made some ground on my swimming this year and have held some pretty consistent wetsuit times of high 26’s and low 27min’s for the 1.9km distance. This generally leaves me 3 minutes behind the fast swimmers, or 4 minutes behind the Uber Fast swimmers, of which there are few. Certainly not out of the picture, but a deficit non-the-less. Sans wetsuit is a different story. I was quite anxious all night thinking about my approach to the chilly water and skinny body combo. I’ve know from my experiences as a ski racer and adventure racer that cold weather, especially cold water, can really shut things down quickly. Sure enough, race morning they made no effort to find some cooler water in which to take the temperature. There’s always a little possibility for fudge factor with that temperature reading, but Nazi-official from the USAT (I think) was being a hard ass.

I waited till the last possible second to get in the water. I barely popped back up from my jump in before they let the starting signal go. I did my best to hang on to some feet but must have really picked the wrong ones. They disappeared quite quickly. After about 10minutes all I could think about was getting out of the water, things were going downhill quickly. I no longer though about my technique and could only think about how cold things were feeling. After about 1300m the first age group swimmers went flying by me (in wetsuits), not a chance of gabbing any feet. I finished the remainder of my torture session and hit the beach 6min back of the leaders. OUCH. Once out, it was a chilly morning so the first 30 minutes of the bike didn’t go much better. I’m sure this was the case for most, but I was trying to hold pace with some of the Elite woman and fast swimming age group men, this required a concerted effort while my shivering body bounced around on the bike. Once we got to some hills I managed to shed my chill and start picking off the friendly age groupers and women that had caught me in the water. I was in a pretty negative head space for the whole ride but snapped out of it once I made my way back into the Elite race. Even so, I was still cursing my day when I got off the bike and heard the announcer say “And here’s our first age grouper (not in reference to me, an actual age grouper) who started 5minutes behind the Elite field.” That really makes you feel special.

Somehow I still managed to pull out a respectable bike split. Way off the 3 leaders of Luke Bell, Joe Gambles, and Chris Legh, but still on par with some known athletes. Ditto on the run, respectable with a 1:21 and change but still behind my goal of sub 1:20. That’s going to have to wait till next year now! All in all, I’m happy with the placing, two top 10’s in Ironman 70.3 events and two other good results in other Half Irons this year so far. Quite consistent results, and a some quality efforts that will help my Ironman races later this year.

Now I look forward to moving into my full distance Ironman events and longer training blocks I have planned for the season. First off will be Ironman Canada, then a final decision will be made on a second Ironman, if any. Heather will be ripping it up at Ironman Canada as well, then heading over to Hawaii. I will be going to Hawaii with her, hopefully as a competitor but a support crew if not. Qualifying will take something super special at IM Canada. I’m not making it a goal to qualify and am approaching the race much like Heather approached Ironman Coeur d’Alene: Conservative time goal and having a good strong race throughout. Basically block out the other competitors and just do my own thing. Who knows what will come of it. Maybe a roll down or two (or three) will get me that coveted Hawaii Pro spot.

Here’s to training hard over the next month and half!


~ by trevorandheather on July 7, 2008.

One Response to “Ironman 70.3 Lake Stevens.”

  1. Trevor & Heather,
    I like the quote from our rowing team that is going to the Olympics this summer.
    You both are great at doing more than the other guys…….keep it up. We’ll see you at the finish line in Penticton.
    Linda (Mom)

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