Training Locations…

Do you have any favorite training location that you’d like to share? Add em to this google map. If you can, just try and keep it to the pin head. Ie. don’t draw out a 200km route, unless you feel VERY strongly about it. 🙂  There’ll also be a permanent page above once this post dissapears so feel free to come back and add multiple locations.

Hopefully after a few years this grows into something pretty cool for those travelling around.

What qualifies?

Any place where you have had a great swim, bike, or run experience. Trail, road, river, lake, ocean etc.

How it works:

First, it looks like you unfortunately HAVE to have a google account to edit the map. But, you may as well get one because they’re taking over the world anyway. Once you’re signed in to your google account click on the link and hit ‘Edit’ on the left hand side of the map. That will pop up a small menu next to the zoom handle on the map. From there you can add a pin head and a photo or two. Feel free to throw in some personal shots at the location if you’d like.

Hope this works, have fun…

You can view and edit this map here: Training Locations


~ by trevorandheather on July 3, 2008.

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