When nothing else turns your crank…

….base jump in a wing suit!

On another note…

Just had some thoughts on gearing. I’ve been using a rather unconventional 54/44 front chain ring setup and a 12/27 in the rear. I’m pretty sold on this combo, the only downside being the rather large jump from gear to gear on the back side. The 44 is sweet for cruising at a good clip, something that a 39 wouldn’t allow. It’s also great for powering over the tops of climbs where you would normally want to put it back into the big ring but don’t want to bother as there’s another hill in sight. The reason for the 12/27 on the back is to give some room for the longer steeper climbs. My easiest gearing, a 44 x 27 ratio is pretty low, it really only comes into play on the longest or steepest of climbs…of which there are very few in Victoria (two – Mt. Finlayson and Mt. Doug). The other good thing with the 12/27 cogset is the ability to keep it in the big ring over some smaller hills. You can get all the way up to the 54 x 23 without too much chain cross over, giving you room to avoid that “damn, should have gone to the small ring” feeling. To top it off, if you do need to switch to an easier gear, you can drop it into the small ring and put the rear into the 15 and you’re basically pedaling the same gear ratio as the 54×23.

Again, the only downside being that smooth shifting and a clean transition from gear to gear isn’t too great. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had an extra gear to keep from spinning too fast or grinding it out too slow. It’s a trade off and one you may want to consider on your next chain swap. It really depends on where you live and how easy you like to take it up the climbs.

Heather has a 42/53 on the front and a 12/23 on the back. She likes that combo and was more than happy to get rid of the 39. The only downside is she has some difficulty getting up the steeper climbs without jacking the heart rate.

We’ll be doing some training for a week or so in the Okanagan this summer. We both grew up there, myself as a cyclist and I always had a 39 tooth chain ring. I’m thinking I may need to put something similar back on to get up the 22km Silver Star climb. Can’t wait to see how that goes. It’s been a long while since I’ve done an actual climb over 10km in length. The last time being an epic one day ride from Vancouver to Kelowna in 2006. It’s our hope to do that ride together this year. It’s a long freaking day at over 400km with a sizeable amount of climbing in the way. We may be sensible about it and split it into two days…but somehow there’s just no glory in doing that!!! Haha. We’ll see what July brings.

~ by trevorandheather on June 16, 2008.

One Response to “When nothing else turns your crank…”

  1. Go for the glory!!!

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