Time to Recover

I was all set to write a great post on the Shawnigan 1/2 Iron that Trev and I raced with Clint Lien this past Sunday, but Clint already wrote one with lots of good info so I will just direct you there http://clintlien.blogspot.com/(you can click on his name to the right under our friends too).

After the swim portion of the race I ran back around the top end of the lake to our car (cheering on cyclists as I went) changed into my bike stuff, cheered on more cyclists, yelled splits at Trev which he apparently didn’t hear (he was riding so flippin’ fast the wind must have been screaming in his ears!!) and then went out for a ride myself.

I have never felt so feeble in my entire life. Hills that are normally nothing looking like mountains and I had no oomph in my legs at all. It was painfully clear that I have pushed it to the max the past couple of weeks and that I need to take some time to rest and recover (the 4am wake up time for the race didn’t help much either).

Last night we splurged on some chocolate macaroons and rented the movie “I’m not there” about Bob Dylan (sort of like kind of). It was interesting, well acted and beautifully shot, but a tad too abstract and confusing for our tired brains. Sadly, the urge to go to bed beat the urge to finish watching the movie. Will have to try again sometime.

Today it was back to work, but I took off for lunch to swim at Thetis Lake with Trevor. It was great. I love lake swimming and I felt suprizingly fresh in the water. Trevor also made me a smoothy to take back to work, which pretty much made my day. 

We are both really looking forward to the Boise 70.3 this weekend, and I for one am looking forward to a massage and… hmmm… reading the Walrus on our back porch in the sun while eating dinner… ya, that sounds like a plan… 



~ by trevorandheather on May 26, 2008.

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