Relay Time…

With Ironman 70.3 Boise 2 weeks away and IM Coeur D’Alene for Heather only 5 weeks away; we’re teaming up with Clint Lien for the local Shawnigan Lake Half Iron – as a relay.  Heather’s taking the swim – one that should have a very cold water temp.   I’d be surprised if it’s anything over 14 degrees C.  I’ll then take on the 88km bike – 4 laps of rough, undulating roads with two railroad crossings per lap.  Clint will bring it home on the 21.1km gravel trail run.    

Heather and I are planning to make it part of a greater training day, a last serious training effort to cap off a good block as we head into a string of races in June and July.  The 2km swim won’t phase her much but the steady allout effort will most certainly provide some gains in that department.  Afterwards she’ll head out on the bike with the continuation of her IM Coeur D’Alene training in mind.

An 88km flat out Time Trial for myself will leave me hurting for sure, but the plan will be to fit in an easy jog off the bike and a an easy spin after the effort to shake out the legs.  It’ll be a different story than pacing myself with the thought of running a fast Half Marathon off the bike.  Even though the effort is only a week out from Boise 70.3 I think it’ll be a good tune up.  It’s not often that one would do a flat out Time Trial of this distance in training…if ever.

We spent this past weekend training on some new terrain around Qualicum Beach and Campbell River.  Highway riding for the most part, but past some beautiful scenery all the same.  It was good to get off the normal training roads and crack the 200km ride mark again.   This one was fairly quick…6hrs and 10minutes for 202km of steady effort.  Spending most of that time in the aero position on rolling highway leaves your ‘crotchal area’ somewhat worse for wear I can tell you that much.  Put that day together with another tough day on Friday and a long run day on Sunday and it was an epic weekend of training.  We even managed to fit in some time to visit my mom and sister, a 36 hole round of mini golf, walks on the beach, naps, Cheese Cake, and a 2hr drive each way. 

Back home now and thinking about how to structure the next 14 days Pre-Boise.  An event that I would consider high on my list of priorities for the year.  Heather will be doing it as well, not holding back at all, but she’ll probably go in a bit more tired than optimal given the need to gear up for Ironman Coeur d’Alene 3 weeks post.



~ by trevorandheather on May 19, 2008.

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