Condo for sale in Victoria, BC…and a race report

Going on two weeks post Wildflower I’ve had a chance to reflect on the race and what to take out of it.  If you look at the time (4:25) and the placing (20th) you would think I might not be happy with the outcome.  On the contrary, it was a very decent first race of the year.  Putting all factors together— One of the most difficult courses around, first race of the year coming of a wet West Coast Canadian Winter with full time work hours, and a start list with the likes of Chris McCormack, Eneko Llanos, Chris Lieto, Chris Legh, Torrenzo Bozzone, Luke McKenzie, Bjorn Anderson, etc…  Looking at it that way, I’ve got to be happy with the result.

All in all the race was executed almost to plan.  A swim that met my expectations despite having to stop and adjust my goggles after 200 meters.  I’ve never been kicked to the face before, even in starts with an excess of 2000 people.  Funny how now that I was on the start line with only 30 guys I take a foot to the face.  It’s all good, my eye popped back into its socket after relieving the suction from my goggle.

T1 was slow, very slow.  Losing 30″ in a 1’30” changeover is a problem!! An easy fix, however. It’s not like I lost a 4th place ranking or anything (Heather). HeeHee 🙂

I was satisfied with my bike split.  5minutes quicker would have been nice but the miles are not yet in the legs for 2008.  I probably would have shock proofed my bike a bit more had I known the roads would be that rough.  I was at the point of figuring out an easy way to ditch the Aero Bottle when the incessant rattling and splashing started affecting my state of mind.  This was just another problem to work out and figured I might want to hang on to the thing for a later race.  I decided to put up with it and eventually came to enjoy the showers of fluid drenching me on every bump bigger than a centimeter.  It was a great cooling system if nothing else.  Hundreds of others must have had the same problem; on the drive home post race we saw many many yellow aero drink stoppers littering the road.

On to the run I was in for a shocker, again a usual first race of the year experience.  In the words of a 1995 Lance Armstrong. “Uhhhhhhh, they said he was fast…but I didn’t think he was that fast.” – They said it was hilly…but I didn’t think it would be that hilly. –   Heather had told me there were hills on the first half of the run course earlier in the winter.  I believe her exact words were; “Yeah, they really sap your momentum.”  Well, let’s just say they did a whole lot more than sap my momentum, reducing me to a walk/hike for a couple of the steeper CLIMBS.  Amazing what a 90km bike will do to run legs wanting to run uphill.  those hills seemed so easy while testing them out earlier in the week.  Thankfully I really came around in the second half of the run and managed a respectable 1:24 run split.

I’m satisfied with my Wildflower experience.  What a great race venue and a relaxing week in the sun!!  I would recommend making it your second race of the year, however.  I’ll be back next year for sure. 

Heather and I are actively looking at biting the bullet and selling all we own, quitting our jobs, and living in the Tri Scene for as long as we can.   It’ll happen by 2009 one way or another.  Ideally before then but it’s not easy to do without committing some serious time and effort to selling our place.  Anyone looking to buy a Condo built in 2006 on the outskirts of Victoria PLEASE contact us.  We’ll even sell the furniture.  I am not joking.

Have a listen to Macca describing his Wildflower victory…


~ by trevorandheather on May 14, 2008.

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