Wildflower – Race report

(Heather – beside 3 spot below)

5th place Pro Female at a race toeing the line with world champions

– Trevor 20th in an insanely deep Pro Men’s field in is first race as an elite.

It was a great day for the Wurteles!

We were joking afterwards that we felt more like we should be asking for autographs than racing against the likes of Chris McCormack and Sam McGlone but we rose to the challange and managed to put down two solid performances!

I (Heather) was so nervous last year that I forgot to take half my nutrition on the bike and totally cracked on the run, dropping from 4th place to 10th. I was super unhappy afterwards and wasted a lot of energy in my first season as a pro worrying about how I compared to others. A major bike crash mid season and hip injury sure didn’t help my ambition to be competitive among the best. Winning the Victoria New Balance Half Ironman, and placing 4th at the Lake Stevens 70.3 were my only two memorable results from 2007.

Fit, healthy, and with another year of experience under my belt I was determined to make this race a good one

Importantly, I re-defined good as fun; and a satisfactory performance as one where I did my best regardless of how I placed.

Leading up to the race I did a lot of visualization and focused on developing performance cues and tricks to keep myself positive. It sure payed off! I was able to stay centered and I had a blast! I have never enjoyed myself so thoroughly in a race before. During the ride I remember thinking “this is so awesome, what fun!… look at me reeling people in!” and on the run I stayed strong up the hills and kept my form together and dug deep to try to catch Kelly (I need to work on quicker leg turnover going downhill because she always escaped my grasp!).

My swim was 25:53, I was out at the front of the pack that trailed the super speedy Linda Gallo, Pip Taylor and Leanda Cave.

My first transition was BRUTAL. Embarrassing really. I had trouble getting my suit off over my left foot and then a bag got caught on my rear wheel quick release so I had to stop to yank it off! Some clever photographer even caught the moment on film!

My ride felt good, but it is always my favorite part. That stupid areo drink sure made a racket on the rough roads, but it kept me hydrated! I was a lot more conscious of taking in adequate calories and leaving something in my legs for the run. In to T2 in 4th, right on the heels of 3rd, in a time of 2:40:20.

Again, I was a little slow with the transition – need my socks – and I lost some more “free” time. tisk tisk. Something to work on for sure!

During the run I accordion-ed off behind Kelly Couch, catching her on the ups, loosing her on the flats and downs… Pip Taylor went flying past the both of us about 1/2 way thru (still waiting for the WF website to get some pickies of that part!). Finished in 5th place with a run of 1:35:45 and an overall time of 4:45:58. Over 10 minutes better than last year.

It was a great race, and Kelly, if somehow you are reading this, I was a little out of it from the heat at the finish and wish I’d have been more engaging when you congratulated me and thanked me for “pushing you”. Thank you for a great race. It was a real pleasure to race with such a fantastic group of women. Can’t wait for the next race… Boise 70.3 (most likely) and then IM Coeur d’Alene.

One last funny tail about my very first, post race drug test – apparently I suffer from stage fright and cannot pee in a cup with someone watching. 4 failed attempts, 6 bottles of water, 2 hrs, and intimate familiarity with the wonderfully patient, friendly, drug testing crew and I finally got the little cup filled with golden liquid!


~ by trevorandheather on May 7, 2008.

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  1. I can spell, really. It’s tale…

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