Wildflower – the trip

What a week! Here we are at the WF expo just before heading home. We got to watch our friend David rock out in the Olympic distance event and then we all hit the road for our long drives back to BC and Boulder.

Two shades darker than our fluorescent winter white, we are back home in cool, not so sunny, Victoria. To make it in time for work we drove a solid 1850 k in about 20 hrs, rotating thru driving and camper sleeping sessions. This was the winning rest-stop photo at 6:30 am somewhere in Oregon…

The trip down was much more enjoyable with more stretching breaks a great trail-run stop in Wolf Creek OR and ride around Winters CA.

This was our set up in WF. Good old Redonda Vista E, site #24. Pretty sweet. I am a very content person when I have a comfy bed, a place to cook, the great outdoors and the means to swim bike and run.

We were there on Monday and the whole campground pretty much to ourselves before the place became unrecognizable; packed with tents, trailers, and triathles on Friday.

Relaxing by the fire (expertly made by Clint) and visiting with our wonderful friend David (who I met at WF last year!) was the perfect end to our days.

In the morning we were woken by the hilarious gobble of WILD TURKEYS!! So cool. We had never seen them before and we were treated to a mating display (video to come!). There were deer walking and laying down 10 ft away on a regular basis. One actually went to the bathroom about 4 feet away while contemplaing the two of us! It was pretty funny. At first we felt like “come on buddy, have some dignity!”, but that just made us aware of our uniquely human shame over bodily functions.. Can you spot all 5 in the photo below?

I love the oak meadow – grassland landscape. The lichens in the trees were so pretty and the sunsets were pretty incredible too!

Here are some more photos of Trevor and I riding the key parts of the beautiful WF course before the race. We will post all the race related goodies soon!


~ by trevorandheather on May 6, 2008.

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