Swim prime gone bust…

This picture is me actually leading a swim and coming out of the water first at the Vancouver Internatinoal Half Iron in September last year. Something once thought impossible. That would be Bree Wee tailing me but…she led the whole swim in front of Chris Brown and Andreij Yasterbov. It was a choppy day with a a good current. i was fortunate enough to look up and see the finish from the final buoy. They kept turning and I gunned it for the line. Funny enough they passed me again on the beach run. I’m such a goof, I should have got to the timing mat and put that sucker down on paper…haha:p

What are the chances of a first out of the water happening at wildflower in a couple weeks? I would say pretty slim with the likes of McCormack and others hitting the water. Heather will be up there with the front swimmers in her race though. She’s been killing the swim miles.

We’re both looking forward to a solid first race of the year, it’s going to be a wicked road trip. Questions always loom at this point but looking back at the training, this winter has been exceptional. Great consistency, some big miles, a well used computrainer, and very few injuries aside from Heather’s crash and my week long sickness.

It will be my first time at Wildflower and also my first start as a Pro/Elite with some of the big names of the sport. I can’t call myself a Pro, but I will sure enough be racing with the Pro’s. I’m confident I’ve stepped it up a notch over last year across all three disciplines to hold my own. Looking forward to toeing the line and putting down a good one. I’ll be off the radar for sure, I like that.

Heather raced Wildflower last year as Pro/Elite and fared quite well. Even with the ‘wheels’ coming off during the early parts of the run she still hung on for a top 10 finish. Really quite impressive given her 30hr solo drive from Canada 2 days before the race and some weak race day nutrition. This year we’re taking our time on the drive down, teaming up with Clint and grabbing a camper the week before. We should get there on Monday, giving us plenty of time to chill out and get in some good reconnaissance missions.:)

Hope to see some familiar faces, let the racing begin!!!

All the best,



~ by trevorandheather on April 17, 2008.

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