There have been several references to my crash so I figured I should post a little somethin’ somethin’

Slippery roads, rounding a corner a tad fast for the conditions and whamo: On my side in a split second sliding across the road into the oncoming lane. Picked myself up in a hurry, told some freaked drivers that I was fine and peddled home alternately reciting “F*@&#!! I can’t believe that just happened, ooohhh nooo my races…” with “you are going to be fine, no big deal, deep breaths…”

Lay on the couch with my leg in the air wrapped in a tensor with ice… took ibuprophin, made a veggie-protein smoothy. Called Trev at work, had an emotional breakdown. Took pictures to show him the extent of my wounds.

By 9:30 (crash around 3:30) my hip had swollen so much it looked like I had a large Discman stuck to my leg. Since it seemed to keep swelling I got Trev to come home and take me to the ER to make sure that there was no major blood vessel rupture or something. Weight bearing was not an issue so I was confident nothing was broken.
When the nurse saw me he asked “is that an ice pack on your hip?”… “nope that is just my leg”… “oh. wow”.
Later… “that’s the best haematoma I’ve ever seen”. And there we were exchanging bike crash stories.

Anyoo. It looks pretty gruesome (lots of comments at the pool this morning!) but it is healing fast and I should be running again by the weekend. Thanks for your concern. Bring on the warm weather and dry roads!!

Wednesday… pretty purple!

1 week post crash… some nice maroon and yellow tones!


~ by trevorandheather on April 3, 2008.

One Response to “Crash”

  1. Hon,
    I know, you just wanted an excuse to show off those great legs!!!
    Glad to hear you are on the mend.
    Take care and good luck in the upcoming races.

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