Chasing the man

I was lucky enough to avoid Trevor’s nasty bug, also shared by several of my co-workers; hurray for obsessive hand washing! Trevor was back to his usual, hard-training, self this week and we were lucky to have the past couple of days to train together.

Man I am tired.

On Friday we did some race pace efforts in all 3 sports. The lanes at Juan de Fuca Rec were packed with everyone getting in their stat holiday workout, and we had a great 4000m swim with some hard 500s. There was some good energy in the pool, which was much better than Friday swims of times past with aquasize ladies that got angry because I splashed and got their hair wet!

After some food we were out on our bikes for a very hilly 3hr ride where I worked as hard as I could to not let Trevor drop me. I was generally successful until the way home from the very end of East Sooke Road (along Rocky Point), and the long climb past Matheson Lake. I was hanging in there staring at his wheel, and then poof! there was this gap and no amount of hard work, burning legs, and finally frothing at the mouth would close it… Lucky for me, he was fiddling around getting banana out of his back pocket on the decent so I caught him (there is very little looking back involved in Wurtele family rides, so sometimes I get nervous!).

We rode back along Happy Valley to climb Neild Rd and then Latoria to Desmond and Sun Heights Drive which is a little known, back way up Triangle Mountain that connects to Fulton Rd. Those are some long, steep suckers especially for a 42, 23 setup on a tri bike, and my arms were sore from having to stand up and dance around so much.

Right after the ride (our neighbours give us funny looks) we were out the door for a transition run where, again, I got to chase my husband. He was nice enough to stick with me out to the trails around Langford Lake and I got schooled on how to keep fast feet and avoid loosing momentum on short steep ups and downs… something I have been focusing on for Wildflower. It was great. I was super excited with how hard I could push and still recover. I had “chasin’ the man, chasin’ the man” looping around in my head.. following the human carrot on a stick. It was a breakthrough transition run for me. Thanks Trevor!!

Yesterday, we were lucky to have another dry day and we set out for a 4hr ride to ‘giver until we cracked’ and then run ~ a 1/2 iron distance run (out for 45min, then back… Trev ditched me promptly this time). I was almost in tears on this one steep pitch near the end our ride, and I worked so hard to negative split my run (by a whole 20 seconds!) that I was a giddy bundle of fatigue when Trev arrived shortly after to find me, dripping all over, attempting to stretch and pet our lonely cat all at the same time…

Today, well, there was some more stuff… like a record slow crappy swim and breaking thru the usual Sunday motivational training barriers. Off for the last of it and then a rest week!  Oh look, it’s POURING rain and windy, yay….

Cheers, H

~ by trevorandheather on March 23, 2008.

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