I’m Back

I did my best to keep the germs away from Heather.  So far so good but time will tell if I was successful.  A few other things I was successful at this week were uncontrollable shivers, coughing fits, sweating for 12hrs straight, and complaining to my very tolerant wife.  She was having a rough week at work while trying to put up some big numbers in the training log, I’m sure my tossing and turning at night didn’t help matters at all.

It’s funny the things that run through your head in the middle of the night when you’re sick.  At one point I was worried that I was going to go into a coma from brain swelling.  I’m quite sure I didn’t even come close to a temperature that would allow this.  But, when you’re lying in bed with a fever and feeling the sweat drip into your ear, convincing yourself this could happen is actually quite easy.

I seem to have hit the other side of this cold/flu today.  I managed an easy hour on the computrainer, effectively doubling my weekly volume.  I’ll go to the pool tomorrow and work my way back into it.  Maybe even a treadmill if the energy is there.  Ideally I’ll be back in full swing by Tuesday.  Judging by the rate of recovery over the last 24hrs this should be an easy task.


~ by trevorandheather on March 16, 2008.

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