With great weather comes great training

River SwimThe picture is from August on our way up to IM Canada. Had a quick stop in the Similkameen river, on Bromley Rock. Anyone driving the Hope Princeton next year has to try it out. It’s a blast swimming against the current.

The volume is still building higher and higher for both Heather and I, we topped out some great numbers last week. I hit biggest weekly volume across all three sports, ever. There have been weeks with longer overall run or ride volume, but never have all three reached big numbers in the same week . It was pretty much the most I could possibly do while buzzing off to work for 8hrs in the evening. That doesn’t leave much room to build for the coming two weeks, but I’ll work something out I’m sure. We were both fried on Sunday and our final swim of the week was a mental test. There was no coach on deck so we were able to modify to our liking, this took some of the gumption out of our effort but we got it done even so.

I’ve decided to attend the Comox Half Marathon this coming weekend. Heather is still on the fence, but may decide to go at the last minute. I’m not going to rest and will go in with some decent training miles this week. Not over the top though, I would like to post a PB so will keep the volume a bit lighter. The last time I did the Comox half marathon was in 2004. At that time I ran a 1:15:57, not too shabby. I did a fair bit of hard running and racing for that race. My training has also changed in a big way since that time, focusing more on the low HR runs. I would hate to be slower even so!! We’ll see, I don’t think it will be too much of a problem given the way I’ve been running in the past couple weeks. I’m very confident I should see something in the 1:14’s…if not better.

Looking forward to the start of the triathlon season. I’ve got a bit of work to do yet on the bike and swim before the confidence sets in, but, I’m really happy with where I stand in the run department. A couple weeks of speed work in April and the legs will be kicking. 8 weeks till Wildflower…so much time yet, gotta be a bit patient.

~ by trevorandheather on March 11, 2008.

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