Triathlon Tips at Frontrunners Westshore

evw_014.jpgIt was my (Heather) pleasure to give a presentation on some of the stuff that I have learned in my past few years of triathlon training and racing.

There was a great turnout of athletes from the Bin Tri’n Club here in Victoria, who honoured me with their keen attention, and had lots of good questions and pertinent comments (I am stressed that I have written the club name wrong… someone write a comment and correct me if so!)

Special thanks to Michelle Gorosh for getting the ball rolling and organizing the event, to Lance Hurrell for scoring us some free bevies from Starbucks, to Nick Walker for tending shop late Thursday night, and to everyone in attendance for their generous donations to a gift certificate for yours truly. It was a thoughtful gesture and very much appreciated.

I have posted some of the race nutrition material in the new “articles” section of our website and you can also find the recipe for the Wurtele’s Extra Special Recovery Smoothy (TM.) Ha!

We will be adding more articles on training, racing and nutrition in the days and weeks to come. Please don’t hesitate to post blog comments / questions or article suggestions for things you’d like to know more about.

Trevor and I do pretty much all of our training on our own and it is nice to make some contact with the broader triathlon community here in Victoria! What a great place we live in, eh?!

Best of luck with all your training, and remember, lessons learned the hard way are rarely forgotten! You just have to get out there and do it.

Yours in sport,


~ by trevorandheather on March 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Triathlon Tips at Frontrunners Westshore”

  1. Thanks for mentioning our club in your blog Heather.
    The name of the club is Bin Tri’n
    It’s kind of an inside joke, but it has to do with everyone showing up at the lake one day with their shiny new blue bins filled with all of their tri gear.
    Hence the “Bin” portion and Tri’n kinda speaks for itself.

    Our slogan is” The secret’s in the bin”


  2. Thanks Doug! I will change that.

    We will also add the Bin Tri’n site (linked to your name above, how handy!) to our friends.


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