I totally bailed on the 8km race today. After the last two days of training, and the need to get in a decent swim this morning, I had to ditch. Good thing I did, the run I got out for after swimming was tough enough on the mind and body. Shins in-particular. I had to slow it down near the end to avoid going over the top. Iced as soon as I got home and everything feels fine now. A few years ago I pushed my shins too hard and ’caused some real damage, to the point where walking was a chore. I’m now very cautious whenever I feel a twinge in that area, injuries can be a real good way to get yourself behind schedule coming into March

This weekend was really good, and a lot of fun. Did every session with Heather and we totally ripped it up smashing some great numbers on Friday and Saturday. 5500M of swimming on Friday and a ~30km run. 3 laps of Elk/Beaver lake, some say it’s 10km but I’m doubtful. I can’t say for sure what Heather numbers were but for myself I hit laps of 40:01, 39:35: 40:53 for a total time of just over 2hrs. I don’t normally run 4min/km on a training run of this distance, close on a good day, but still a bit fast for the effort I was putting out. What I do like is that I held it steady pretty much the whole way regardless of what the final distance actually is.

Saturday we ventured out on a different ride. The goal was to ride every possible hill we could find. Killer day in beautiful February weather. Here’s the GPS profile, interesting if you know the area. I would say the hardest climbs are Mt. Doug because of sheer steepness(but short), Goldstream Heights (Long steady after the Malahat), and Neild Rd. easily taking the cake. Especially hitting that up at the end of the day. Mt Finlayson was done in reverse so not quite as hard as going up the other direction. Even so, Neild Rd. is a monster due to the steadiness and fatigue factor.


~ by trevorandheather on February 24, 2008.

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