3 week block of training….

Training has been progressing. Coach Clint sat me down and told me to start swimming longer if I want to be competitive with the Big Guns. I don’t know why I didn’t come to this conclusion on my own terms but sometimes it takes an outside party to get your crap in gear. I’ve certainly held my own in the amateur field but stepping it up to race with the Pro’s will call for another gear across the board. I’ve been told, and the volume has increased. All-be-it not in a massive way, but an extra 25% in the water every week will do wonders I’m sure. It’s been three weeks now since the ‘my girlfriend swims more than you’ talk, and I’m proud to say things have changed. Haha. I’ve always been able to motivate myself on the bike and run miles…swimming just needed a slight castration to get me going.

The run and bike miles have been good. Week one of this three week block saw 103km of running with plenty of swimming and biking thrown in. Week two pulled in a little over 400km on the bike while running on tired legs most of the time. All in all it’s been great for February, exceeding the consistency of last year.

I started this final week of the block with a complete day off, absolutely nothing but relaxing in the sun before work. It was a treat both my mind and body needed. Now going into 6 more days of some pretty decent volume I’m good and ready, I’ll hopefully max it out and completely smash myself on the weekend. The plan is to go into a local 8km run race extremely cooked and make it hurt. If you’re from the area, look for a Dirk Diggler on the results sheet, that’ll be me. 🙂 Maybe I can convince Heather to sign up as Roller Girl.

Heather has been ripping it up these past few weeks as well. She’s got some sort of mental ability to treat swimming like a rest, regardless of how hard the workout is. I need to learn this. She swam over 20km last week while pounding out some great bike and run volume. I had to sneak a peek at her log book to find out how this was possible. Keep in mind she still works next to full time hours as well. We drive each other to new levels.

~ by trevorandheather on February 18, 2008.

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